BTS Feelz

I’ve been a fan of BTS as of 2015.

I was always reluctant to listen to them since I wasn’t a big fan of rapping, but ever since I heard “I Need U”, I’ve been hooked. I can’t believe it’s already been a year since the song came out, I still remember the first time hearing it. My bias has always been none other than Jungkook or Kookie for short. He has an amazing voice and he truly is the Golden Maknae. I always fangirl when I see him!! XDDD I can’t believe they’re coming to Kcon this year, I can’t attend ;0; Every member is sooo talented and they all have their unique personality~ I encourage anyone who is willing to listen to a new type of music to try them out! Their voices and choreo… ughhh it’s too amazing! Proud ARMY right here!!!!

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