VIXX was the first kpop group that really got me into the kpop world.

The first song I heard from them was “G.R.8.U”. It really was such a catchy song. Before I knew it, I was looking up every VIXX song there was and watching all the MVs. My bias is Hyuk ^^. Hyuk doesn’t really have many parts in a song, but I love watching him grow and improve. They all have a funny personality and it’s fun to watch them communicate. It was really funny when VIXX went to a haunted house and every one was scared besides Hyuk lol. The other members were all screaming (well I’m not sure if Leo was) and Hyuk was just laughing and acted really calm. Last summer, I got the chance to see them at Kcon. I bought an album and poster dedicated to VIXX. During the concert, I was so excited!! I tried to sing along with the songs, but I don’t speak Korean so it sounded more like gibberish XD I basically lost my voice after the concert… The seats I bought were expensive and I was internally crying because of the price. BUT!! The concert was soooo much fun and it was an awesome first experience attending a concert with VIXX included!!! They’re probably busy this summer since they won’t be attending Kcon this year… Ken also looked sooo good in Dynamite XPPP His blonde hair was just ughhhh so perfect T^T and Hyuk was naturally cute in it. I can’t wait till they release a new song!! I hope they get enough rest. FIGHTING!!!! ~Starlight


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