Throwback Thursday #1- Shy School Girl

I’ve thought up of a new project to work on^^ Every Thursday (or every other) I’ll post an old drawing I made in the past~ You’ll notice a lot of these drawings will be in anime-ish/manga style cuz I love watching+ reading anime and manga XDDD

I’m quite proud of this drawing, it turned out A LOT better than I expected!! Usually, I look up pictures on Google for references cuz all the drawings I think in my head all turn out terrible DX Orginally, I wanted to draw Anna from the manga “Stardust Wink”( such a cute manga <3) but I decided to twist some things up and this was the result:

Yes, some things look uneven BUT I’m just so happy with the result, I didn’t want to change anything just in case I mess it up (which believe me, happens a lot)

As always, pls. Comment below what you think, like, and follow ^_^

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