Summer 2016 Clothing Picks 

Every year, I encounter a new favorite clothing piece(s) I love to wear for the summer. Last year, I was obsessed with a floral tank top I got at H&M for an extremely cheap price. It was sooo cute I wore it pretty often and by that I mean I tried to incorporate it into many outfits~ lol. Usually, I’ll award just one clothing that deserves the recognition, but this year it was really hard to choose so I decided to name the 2 as my favorites for this summer!!

Contestant #1:

This top was so cute I had to get it. The first time I saw it, I was in love XDD It’s from Banana Republic and it was orginally $14 (which is a bit pricey) but I had a coupon so it was around $5 (maybe less!!). (sorry about the wrinkles… Don’t ask jk) I pair this with my black shorts from Gap or with denim pants and sometimes I put my hair in a side pony tail, but I usually just put my hair down. It is off shoulder hence the broad cut. I dunno but I love the strips and the words “Holy Moly” on it. I’ve been looking for T-shirts with letters on it and this seemed perfect!

Contestant #2:

I don’t usually wear dresses even tho. I like them (if that makes sense XD). This baby doll dress is from Forever 21 and I got it for $10. I was unsure whether or not to get it at first, but after trying it on in the fitting room, I had to!! When you wear it, the bottom flares out and it’s so pretty! If I want to look cute, I wear a white T-short underneath (I got this idea from the MV “Farewell ridden” by ZIA). And on hot days, I just wear the dress and pair it up with a brown hat and it makes the outfit look so summery!!

This summer, there were so many cute outfits ughhhhh…. I hope u enjoyed my picks and look forward to next years!! (maybe I’ll start doing OOTDs or I’ll try to find my favorite clothing pieces for the different seasons!)

– So what do you think? Comment below ur faves of this summer, like, and follow!! <3333

~CY from kpop9019

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