Throwback Thursday #2- Apple Frenzy 

Note: Ok, so I was gonna post another drawing last Thursday and I know even tho. I said I may post one every other week I wanted to post one…But then I FORGOT… (oops!) so here’s this week’s (pls. forgive me >//~//<)

Haha I totally forgot about this drawing!! I was bored during art class at school so I randomly got out a piece of paper and doodled! I was just practicing on how to draw an apple and then I came up with the idea on adding a girl eating it. I think it’s soo cute ^^ and u may be wondering why I wrote “Music & Food”. Well, it’s cuz those are 2 of my favorite things!! I like listening to music (like kpop) since it cheers me up and… FOOD IS MY BEST FRIEND!!!! I always eat a lot but somehow never get fat (huh, such a wonder). When I was younger, my mom always joked how there must have been a bug in my stomach XDD ( I think she was secretly jealous… And just recently my grandma said I have a good figure LOL). I’ll be back with another drawing next week! (If I remember) so stay tuned~

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