Throwback Thursday #3-Mystery Girl from Video Game?

Hai, I’m back with another Throwback Thursday drawing!!! (I remembered ^^)

This week’s drawing is a character from an unknown video game… I drew & painted this during a summer art class. My art teacher at the time was a known Chinese painter supposedly kind of famous in China. He randomly picked a picture from a book and assigned me to draw this character since he knew I was into anime XDD This is a water- color piece and at that time I did not know how to use water-color properly. My teacher taught me how to mix and get the most from the paints. He was actually proud of the result!! (Shocking!!! O.o) It doesn’t look the best, but I tried my hardest!! If anyone knows what video game this character comes from, pls. let me know! I’m curious!! I’ll be back next week with another drawing! Stay tuned~


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~CY from kpop9019

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