“Uncontrollably Fond” K-drama?

So this is my attempt on writing a review and summary of a drama so pls. don’t judge. This post is going to be about the new Korean drama: Uncontrollably Fond.

This is a new drama that stars Bae Suzy as No Eul and Kim Woo-bin as Shin Joon-young. Basically, No Eul and Shin Joon-young went to the same high school when they were younger, but separated after No Eul’s father died. No Eul’s father was killed after a hit and run accident and they were poor in debt. In order to escape the loan sharks, No Eul and her younger brother run away. No Eul remembers the driver who killed her father but when the police show her the suspect they caught, it was a different person. No Eul finds out that a well-known chief prosecutor was behind the switch. Shin Joon-young only has a mother and does not know who his father is. He finds out that his father was the chief prosecutor, but now has a new family. He strives to become a prosecutor like his father to allow his mother to show off how well she had raised him without him there. But, after Joon-young finds out that his father hid the truth behind No Eul’s father’s case he gives up his dreams in becoming a prosecutor and becomes a famous celebrity. Lim Ju-hawn plays Choi Ji-tae who is the prosecutor’s other son who feels bad for No Eul. He pretends to be poor and helps support No Eul and her brother. Choi Ji-tae hides his true identity from No Eul since he knows that No Eul will never forgive his father for what he had done. He is engaged to the hit and run woman who killed No Eul’s father, but wants to break the engagement their fathers had set up. He has feelings for No Eul and No Eul also likes him.

Shin Joon-young is told that he has less than a year to live and meets No Eul again. No Eul is a PD and shoots Joon-young’s documentary. Joon-young develops feelings for No Eul.

So… OMG THE FEELZ!!!! The first episode was kinda confusing since I didn’t really get the back story. But if you continue watching, the story becomes deep and like OMG that’s so sad. This drama is gaining a lot of attention and I know a ton of people ship her with Kim Woo-bin, but personally I like her with Lim Ju-hwan!!! I mean his character, Choi Ji-tae likes No Eul (Bae Suzy’s character) but they can’t be together!!! I mean every romantic encounter they have I’m like AJAJSDHFUASDJFJH WHY CAN’T THEY BE TOGETHER?!?!? I SHIP THEM SOO BAD like yess i feel bad for Joon-young, but but O^O and it’s so sweet how he’s hiding his identity and helps No Eul! AND NO EUL LIKES HIM BACK!!!! LIKE THIS SHIP IS SOOOOO CLOSE BUT IT CAN’T SAIL LIKE WHYYYYYYYYY!??!?!?! and he’s not bad looking, maybe that’s just me being weird tho….. and Suzy looks so pretty here, actually she looks pretty everywhere ^^ not to mention, Kim Woo-bin and Suzy’s acting is A++

Ok, so enough of my feelz… There are only 6 episodes out rn  (currently airing)  and the whole series is set to have 20. I like to watch it on KissAsian since there aren’t any ads and the quality is good. (I don’t know if it’s illegal tho….. I hope it’s not T^T). If any of you are currently watching this drama like I am pls. comment down below and let’s talk about itttttttt.!!!! OH! and if you’re not watching it or if you have free time pls. give it a try!!! Go watch it!!!! >//3//<  -END

As always, pls. comment, like, and follow!!!!

-CY from kpop9019


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