Welch’s Limited Edition Sparkling Juice?!?!

So this is kinda of a random post, but I wanted to share it. Welch’s has some of the best sparkling juices. I tried the white grape sparkling juice first and when you open it, it had such a rich grape smell. It has a lot of fizz when you drink it and it tastes so refreshing. They also have a red grape one, but I didn’t really enjoy it as much as the white grape. The red grape tasted just like their regular grape juice, but with added fizz :((( This drink is non-alcoholic so it’s good for everyone and if you’re not at the right age yet (like me XDDD). My mom found a limited edition version and I am so excited to try it out!! It tasted just like pina colada. I also tried the Strawberry Lemonade,  but I have to admit, out of all of them, the White Grape is the BEST!!!! You can purchase it at Walmart, Walgreens, etc. ~Go try it!! <3333

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~CY from kpop9019

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