Throwback Thursday #4-Ethnicity Girl

Here’s another Throwback Thursday!! This drawing I randomly sketched during my free time and the amazing thing about it was that I didn’t even look up any references!! I drew what I thought in my head. If you can’t guess, I am Chinese American (speaks Canto.) and I wanted to play around with some simple Chinese characters I know. I can speak Cantonese fluently, but I can’t read or write Chinese. I also can’t really understand Mandarin, like I can understand really simple words and I can guess some meanings but overall, it sucks so don’t ever ask me to speak Mandarin. Oh, and the only thing I used to draw was a normal pencil and eraser (not the kneaded kinds). If you can understand what it says on the shirt then props to you (you can also make out my Chinese name in the upper corner if you look closely). Well, that’s all for this week. Stay tuned next Thursday for another drawing~

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~CY from kpop9019