The Benefits of Green Tea- Part 1

As you can tell from the title, this is going to be part 1 of this short 2 part series. Today I will list the benefits of Green tea and the next part will be how to use Green tea for beauty purposes. I’ve heard of numerous benefits green tea has towards the body and its functions. Based on a compilation of research, here are some info ^^

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“EXO Next Door” Review

It’s every fan girl’s dream to live next door to their favorite band, group, or anyone they idolize. In this short web series, some of the EXO members move next door to 23-year old Ji Yeon-hee. She has never dated anyone before and her biggest flaw is that when she is around the person she likes, she turns into a “red rock”. In other words, she tends to turn red or blush a lot. The EXO members are Chanyeol, D.O., Baekhyun, and Sehun who move in and they hire her to clean their house since they are out in the mornings. As time passes, Yeon-hee realizes that Chanyeol is actually her childhood friend and her “first love”. She is also involved in a love triangle between D.O. and Chanyeol.

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Inspirational Photos to Lighten the Day

Hey guys, yess it’s Monday again.. I know how you all feel, Mondays suck!! Whether you’re working or a student, we all feel the same :)) . Although I’m currently on summer break and don’t have to face the stress, I just wanted to share some pictures I took here and there to brighten the mood.These pictures are not all from the same locations and I was just feeling kinda artsy so here goes nothing~

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“Kokoro ga Sakebitgaatterunda (The Anthem of the Heart)” Japanese Animation Movie Review

[ WARNING: May contain spoilers!!!] This movie was so sad to watch…

So a young girl named Jun Naruse was known to be a “chatterbox” when she was a little girl. She loved fantasies and loved to visit a castle on the top of a mountain. That castle was actually a love hotel, but she didn’t know about it. One day after school, she sees her dad with another woman and runs to tell her mother that her dad was a “prince” and the other woman was a “princess”. As a result, her parents split up and just before her father moves away, he tells Jun that it was “all her fault”.  Jun starts crying and meets an egg who tells her he will help her seal away her words and stop her talking as it will lead to future hardships. A couple years later when Jun is in high school, she is known to be a private person and does not speak. Her homeroom teacher picks her and three other students for Charity Committee members. The other three students are: Takumi Sakagami, Natsuki Nito, and Daiki Tasaki. Each of the students have some type of hardship they are facing. Originally, Jun declines the offer, but then decides to join. The members decide to do a muscial as the event for their class. Jun writes the musical herself since she wanted a story to convey her feelings through. The story follows the 4 as they become friends and help each other through hard times.

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