Throwback Thursday #6- Sweet Youth

Hey guys, I’m back with another drawing! So I drew this like 2 years ago? And omg, it turned out soooo well!!! <3333

As usual, I just used a regular #2 pencil and eraser. The reason why I called this “Sweet Youth” was cuz it reminded me of when Japanese students (in animes and I guess real life too) don’t wear uniforms during weekends and they can just wear casual clothes and go out. I forget, but I maybe I looked up for a Google reference? Maybe not? I dunno… >-< There’ll be another drawing next week as well~

I’ll be free for the rest of the summer so I’ll be posting more^^ I have a lot of things planned out so look forward to them XDDD I’m planning on posting a review tomorrow. Stay tuned~

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~CY @ kpop9019

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