DIY Hair Dye Using Markers?!?! Does it Work?

Hey guys, last night I tried to dye my hair using washable markers. That’s right, with MARKERS! I’ve always wanted to dye my dark brown Asian hair light brown or dip dye the tips blue. So I tried to find a way online. Today, I will show you the way I found and reveal the result.

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: a Washable Crayola marker, 1 bowl of water, 1 empty bowl, gloves, hair dye applicator brush, old T-shirt or plastic bag (it will be a mess!), and a plier (optional)

#1: Choose a marker color of your choice. I used a blue one.

#2: Remove the back lid on the marker. I used pliers to help me cuz I’m a weakling (heheh >//3//<). You could also use your teeth.

#3: Get the ink cartridge out. I also used pliers to help get it out.

#4: Dip the ink cartridge into the bowl of water until part of it is white. Only a little is enough (like in the picture), you do not want all of it white or else all the ink will be gone.

#5: Now BLOW!!!! Blow through the white tip of the cartridge until the ink gets out onto an empty bowl. Whew, I used so much breath I was getting red. It was tiring T^T

#6: Now you can add conditioner (to dilute it or for easier application) to the ink and mix or you can apply directly. If you add conditioner like me, I used the marker to mix the ink and conditioner together.

#7: Now apply to desired areas. I applied to my tips. I was such a genius and did not use gloves or an applicator brush (WHICH I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!), so pretty much, I made a big mess.

#8: Wait for a few minutes to dry.

#9: You can wash off with cold water or blow dry so the color soaks in. RESULT:

*Sorry, the picture is so dark! The color didn’t come out for me, but I think if you look closely (at least on my phone), you can see a little blue.

THOUGHTS: So as you can tell, this did not really work out for me…FAIL! I guess my Asian dark hair was too dark… Tbh, I was kinda expecting that, but I’m still upset T^T I think if you have lighter hair like maybe light brown or if you’re blonde, the color will turn out. As for me, it didn’t… ughhhh you ppl. are so lucky… I DON’T WANNA BLEACH IT!! ;o; The color is supposed to last for a few days or 2-3 (maybe more?) washes. It’s an awesome way to experiment with colors you have been itching to try! And I think it is safe for your hair. I’m pretty sure it’s not that damaging (maybe not at all!). Anyways, so I slept on it and the color did not stain the pillows (at least not for me). I was also curious if the color was still there so I used a tissue and rubbed it at the ends of my hairs and sure enough, blue came right off. So basically, the color is there but did not show since my hair is too dark… But hey, maybe it will work for you if you have lighter hair!!

So should you try it, sure why not? Have fun with it, even though it was a big mess for me… Best of luck! **Btw, sorry all the pictures are so vertical and not wide enough… I don’t know what happened (pretty sure I pressed a wrong button) or how to fix it!! DX

-Pls. Comment, like, and follow! <3333 And if you tried it or plan on trying, of course, send me a pic. and tell me below if it worked for you!

~CY @ kpop9019





*** If you made it this far, congratulations!! Here’s a bonus picture!!

ughhh… My hands are so stained… I’m like a smurf… I should have used gloves T^T

3 thoughts on “DIY Hair Dye Using Markers?!?! Does it Work?

  1. That’s a bummer it didn’t work out. I like to dye my hair some pretty crazy colors (teal, purple, pink are a few I’ve gone through) but my hair is really dark so in order to do it my stylist has to lighten my hair A LOT. It can be really damaging if it’s not done properly over a period of time and even still it damages the hair. It would’ve been really cool if the magic marker worked. But I know if it didn’t work on your dark hair it wouldn’t work on mine 😦


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