“ReLIFE” Anime Review

Hey guys, here are my thoughts on the new anime “ReLIFE”. I actually finished watching this anime around 2 weeks ago, but never had the chance to write a review. I also wanted to post other stuff on my blog…

ReLIFE is about a 27 year old man named Arata Kaizaki who is unemployed. Another man named Ryo Yoake appears and offers him a job. In order to get the job though, Kaizaki has to partake in an experiment. He has to take a pill that makes him 10 years younger and go back to high school. Yoake documents his experiences and if Kaizaki has a successful outcome, than Yoake will offer him a job at his company.

MY THOUGHTS: At first I was reluctant to watch since the plot didn’t really spark interest, I mean like why would a 27 year old take a pill to go back to school? It’s SCHOOL!!! So much work!! But this anime was ok. It wasn’t REALLY good, like I didn’t binge watch it, but it wasn’t too bad… I found myself taking my time to watch each episode since I’ll find something else to watch. It was pretty funny since Kaizaki sucked in school, but it was interesting how quickly he found friends even though they were 10 years younger. I mean if it was me, I’ll find it pretty difficult… Anyway, besides following Kaizaki and his experience back at school, it also brought some of the other student’s problems into light. His friend, Rena Kariu copes with jealousy and trying to meet expectations. Another girl, Chizuru Hishiro is one of the smartest in the grade, but she has no friends. When I watched the first episode, I kind of liked Kariu since she was funny, but as I continued to watch, no offense, but I started to hate her. I understand that you will be jealous of your friends if they were smarter than you or more talented, but she seriously acted like a -BEEP- (let’s keep it PG). Like my hatred for her was so strong that when I previously shipped her with another character Kazuomi Oga , I was sooo against it. I was so evil I was like NO NO!!! (MWUAHAHA…) But of course, they do end up dating (spoiler oops). Besides her, everything else was ok. The ending was kinda unexpected (it involves one of the female characters… and it’s not Onoya  [you’ll know what I’m talking about if you watch it]… XP). So yeah, overall it was mehhh, not the best or worst. Oh, and the strange thing was that all the episodes (all 13) were posted on the same day. I think they wanted to appeal more to the audience since they understood the struggles of “currently airing” shows. I admit, I was pretty thankful haha XD I guess I’ll give it 3 out of 5 stars, so around the middle :333 . -END

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~CY @ kpop9019

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