Throwback Thursday #7- Menma from Anohana

It’s Thursday again!! Time for another Throwback Thursday! Wow, I can’t believe this is number 7; it’s been 7-8 weeks ever since I started this project. This week there will be 2 drawings cuz why not? Lucky number 7 haha…

Just kidding, I thought I’ll include these two together since they’re the same character and I really couldn’t choose one over the other to post so I decided both should be included! *nods. And if you can’t already tell, Anohana is one of my favorite animes! So if you haven’t watched it yet, GOOOoooo!! These drawings are references I found on Google, so all credits go to the original creator besides the fact that I drew them XDD. And I drew both using a regular mechanical pencil and eraser. Anyway, if any of you are curious why I always have something covering part of my picture (like this time it’s colored paper), it’s cuz that’s where my signature is and then my name will be revealed… Maybe one day, I’ll show you guys it, but it’ll probably be till I’m more comfortable with this all~

-Pls. Comment, like, and follow! Stay tuned for next week’s drawing!

~CY @ kpop9019

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