Inspirational Photos to Lighten the Day

Hey guys, yess it’s Monday again.. I know how you all feel, Mondays suck!! Whether you’re working or a student, we all feel the same :)) . Although I’m currently on summer break and don’t have to face the stress, I just wanted to share some pictures I took here and there to brighten the mood.These pictures are not all from the same locations and I was just feeling kinda artsy so here goes nothing~

Photo #1: It was slightly raining, and I just had an urge to take a photo, focusing on the raindrops.

Photo #2: I was just taking a photo of the sky and this picture came out… OMG it reminds me so much of an anime setting. Something like the picture below (found on Google), but imagine it with a blue morning sky!!

Photo #3: The sun came out after the rain and the streets and sky looked so pretty~ I love when it rains, but the sun either comes out after or is there while raining :DDD Hope it brightened your day and reminded you to always smile!

Photo #4: Hung out with friends and visited the carnival! Just took a picture to remember the day and I added this filter that created an old photograph vibe~ Remember to take some time out of your day for some fun!!

Photo #5: Traveling to the city. Don’t forget to try new things!

Photo #6: Had dinner with family. Reward yourself with a little something after a long week~ I always look forward to this time lol XD

Photo #7: The week will start again, but your buddy coffee will always be there for the times you need it! (even though this is a picture of a shake…. Still, it tastes good!)

-I hope these pictures lightened your day and the weekend will come sooner than you think! I’m planning on posting another review tomorrow (look forward kpoppers!).Well then, that’s all for today’s post; look forward for tomorrow’s! Pls. leave a comment, like, and follow!

~CY @ kpop9019

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