The Benefits of Green Tea- Part 1

As you can tell from the title, this is going to be part 1 of this short 2 part series. Today I will list the benefits of Green tea and the next part will be how to use Green tea for beauty purposes. I’ve heard of numerous benefits green tea has towards the body and its functions. Based on a compilation of research, here are some info ^^

Let’s start with the backstory. I’ve actually recently started using green tea after I heard that it could help lose weight. Being a girl who is self conscious of her appearance I definitely had to give it a try. After that, I was curious of other benefits so I looked it up on the internet and apparently it has many beauty and health advantages.

#1: Skin care

As a makeup lover myself, I was obviously very excited to find out that it helps the skin. I believe that skin care is the most fundamental step in achieving flawless makeup. Without good skin, then you cannot use makeup to its full potential. Green tea helps with wrinkles and slows down the aging process. It helps reduce sun spots and gives your face a natural glow. There are also studies to show that it helps protect against skin cancer. In part 2, I will show the ways to reuse old tea bags to treat your skin.

#2:  Weight Loss

Green tea helps boost the metabolism and intensify the rate of your body to turn food to calories. So basically, you will burn fat faster if you drink this tea. It also flushes out the toxic or bad waste inside.

#3: Cholesterol

This tea reduces bad cholesterol in the body, leaving the good in.

#4: Diseases

Studies show that drinking green tea reduces your risk of developing cancer, Alzheimer, or Parkinson’s. Green tea also regulates glucose levels, if you have diabetes, that slow down blood sugar. Heart attacks are said to be decreased since it helps relax the system and changes of blood pressure is better regulated.

#5: Depression

Green tea has a relaxing effect after drinking and lightens your mood.

#6: Memory

Drinking green tea apparently enhances memory and it is easier to connect ideas together. Improved cognitive function and ability to complete tasks are other results.

#7: Oral benefits

Bacteria and acid are reduced and green tea controls gum disease. Enamel loss is decreased and green tea helps fight stinky bacteria, so you’ll don’t have to worry about bad breath!


So are you a convert to green tea? I know I am; I try to drink a cup once a week. This healthy drink has an abundance of benefits, so I hope you’ll give it a try :DDD Happy drinking!! XDD

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~CY @ kpop9019

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