Throwback Thursday #9- Onigiri Attack!!

This week’s drawing is on…. Onigiri!! (aka. a type of food.) I dunno what my mind was thinking when I drew this, but clearly I was hungry.

I’ve never tasted Onigiri before… Is it good? I wanna try it some day ^3^ To draw this, I used charcoal pencils since I’ve never drew with them before and I had wanted to try. I also used a regular pencil for some Japanese characters as you can see. And obviously, my aim was to make it cute! Was I successful?!? Jk… I’m not sure if I used a reference on Google images for their faces, but I did look up what onigiris look like (the real food). ¬†Well, that’s all for this week’s drawing! Stay tuned for next week’s!!

Oooo, and I know this is kind of late, but here’s a little shout out!! Happy birthday Jungkook from BTS!!!! Man, I can’t believe he turned 19 today (or was it yesterday since it’s Korea we’re talking about?). Wow, Kookie is turning into a man XD I hope BTS continues to produce many many songs and stay successful in the future~

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~CY @ kpop9019

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