“1 Litre of Tears” Drama and Movie Review

Genre: Family, drama, tragedy, school, romance

# of Episodes: 11 (each are around 45-55 mins.)

Hey guys, I’m back with another review! To start off, here is a short summary! 1 Litre of Tears (yes litre is spelled that way) is an old Japanese drama from 2005. It tells the story of a 15 year old girl named Aya Ikeuchi (Ikeuchi is the last name) who is entering high school and is diagnosed with an incurable disease. This disease is called “Spinocerebellar Degeneration” and this illness limits the victim any type of movement. As time passes on, Aya will not be able to walk, speak, write, or eat. She will be confided to her bed. Basically, this drama is about the hardships of a young teenager who is facing an illness when she should really be enjoying the best time of her life. It is based on a true story.

THOUGHTS: This drama really did have me tear-jerking through every episode. It’s just so sad how a 15 year old has to face a disease at such a young age. What really got me was that Aya wanted a normal life like any other teenager. She wanted to fall in love, eventually get married, graduate from a normal high school, go to college, get a job, be with her friends, and continue what she likes doing like basketball. But due to this disease, she will not be able to do anything. She also has to face the public eye when some neighbors and classmates start gossiping about her. Due to this illness, she can do none of them. She has to go through rehab, take medicine, and stay at the hospital. Everyday the disease worsens and there is no possibility of a cure. If that was me, I would probably cry everyday and become depressed. I mean that would be the end of the world for me since everything I wanted to do is no longer possible. It’s like waiting for your death. But Aya is a strong girl and she believes that she will survive so she is happy everyday. There is also a romantic part in this drama. There is another character named Haruto Aso (Aso is last name) who falls in love with Aya and tries to help her through tough times. Like awhhhh, everyone needs a Haruto in their lives <33333. I mentioned this before; this drama is based on a true story. There really was a young girl who had this disease. However, Haruto is not a real person and he was just an addition to the story. I also really liked the oldness vibe of the movie. The production is pretty old and you can tell that, but for some reason it made everything even better.This drama really hit my feels~

Dislikes: The entire story takes place over a span of time. It was kind of confusing when she and her siblings grow up. Like one day she’s a teen who is about to go to her second year in high school and the other she graduates. Oh, and was it just me but her dog grew older so fast. I swear he was just a puppy and now he’s a dog… That part was the only thing I didn’t like, otherwise, the plot was amazing.

Movie Summary/ Thoughts: The movie is supposed to take place after *** HUGE SPOILER!!! READ AT UR OWN RISK*** (I tried to avoid this part) Aya’s death. It shows her family and her siblings who grown up. It also shows how Haruto is coping with Aya’s death, which is not well. Haruto is now a doctor in Neurology and he has a patient who had the same disease as Aya. He misses her so much. The movie also kind of serves like an ending to the drama. The drama ends on a cliff hanger and they skipped a lot of parts at the last episode, but the movie tells what happened next. I was so glad about that part.

Movie Dislikes: The entire movie is 2 hours and 20 minutes long, but majority, like around 1 hour and 45 minutes are flashbacks!!! Sorry, I loved the drama and all but I can’t stand recaps. Like nooo, I cannot deal with them. I skipped all the parts and just watched the future stuff. I guess it’ll be ok if you don’t want to watch the entire drama and just want to see the movie to get everything over with.

Music (for both): The music was beautiful. Whenever there was a sad part, the music just made it even sadder. It was also pleasant to the ear~

-So yeahhh, those are my opinions. You should totally watch it. It is so emotional, just get a box of tissues next to you or suck your tears back in (what I did). I would rate this a 9.5 out of 10 (deductions cuz of ending and time structure). As always, leave a comment, like, and follow!! I plan on posting “The Benefits of Green Tea Pt. 2”  this Sunday.

~CY @ kpop9019

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2 thoughts on ““1 Litre of Tears” Drama and Movie Review

  1. I watched this drama waaaaaaaaaaaay back in high school and all I remember was that I cried way too much watching this. Even seeing the title just breaks my heart because the drama is so so so so so so sad. I didn’t know there was a movie out so I might go check that out! But I’m not really up for some more crying because there is a high chance that I will.

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    • Lol, yeah I cried way too much >// The movie is 2 hrs, but most of it was just flashbacks to the drama, so I had to skip through a lot of it. But if you have the patience then go head~

      Liked by 1 person

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