The Benefits of Green Tea- Part 2

Hey guys, I’m back with part 2 of my short “The Benefits of Green Tea” series. In part 2, I said that I was going to share some beauty tricks you can use with an old green tea bag. You can make these with tea leaves if you like, but I don’t have any except the bags so… Anyways, I’m so excited to share them with you, being a makeup lover <33333. So let’s get started!

Use #1: Toner

Materials: Green tea bags and bottle

To make a toner, you can use either old or new tea bags. If you decide to use new ones, it will obviously have more effect than old ones. Make sure you haven’t used your old tea bag too much (meaning you only made 1-2 cups to drink beforehand) and it hasn’t been out for too long. First, sink your tea bag in hot water and let it brew. I like to wait for the tea to cool down before I pour it into a bottle, but you can pour the warm tea into the bottle first if you will like. You can add water to water it down, but I skip this step. After pouring the tea into the bottle, you can add any essential oils for extra benefits like lavender, etc. (optional). Now, your toner is finished! Easy, wasn’t it? You can store the toner in your bathroom like I do or keep it into the refrigerator so whenever you use it, it has a cooling effect. After using this DIY toner, I did notice that my face was brighter and had a natural glow. I like to use this after wiping off my makeup and in the mornings.

I use this type of bottle. You can turn the cap easily and pour the toner into a cotton ball or into your hands easier. I usually fill it 3/4 up. Make sure you don’t use the toner for too long as you don’t want bacteria to build up. I dispense it after around 2 weeks.

Use #2: Face Mist

Materials: Green tea bags and spray bottle (spritzer)

To make a face mist, you simply just follow the instructions on how to make it into a toner (above), but into a different type of bottle. I suggest storing this into a refrigerator so when you do your regular skin care routine, it has the cooling effect.

Use #3: Eye Treatment

Materials: Old green tea bags and fridge

I like to use old tea bags since new ones seem like such a waste. So after you have soak your tea bag into water (for drinking or whatever purposes), place your tea bags into the fridge for a little while. I actually leave it in for a few days since I’m too lazy to use them sometimes, but don’t be like me cuz the bags dry out. You can take it out after like 15 mins. (as long as they are cold) and then place them onto your eyes for 10+ mins. It helps reduces the puffiness or darkness of your eyes.

Use #4: Face Mask

Materials: Green tea bag, scissors, honey (optional) and plain yogurt (optional)

First, open your tea bag with a pair of scissors. Get the leaves out and place them into a bowl. Then add a spoon of honey (as much as you need) and some spoonfuls of yogurt. There really isn’t any exact amounts since you can adjust it to your preference. Mix them all together and apply onto your face. After 10-20 mins., wash it off. Yogurt is so good for the skin since the acid in them helps make wrinkles disappear and slows the aging process. Honey helps with acne. I tried this method and it felt sooo refreshing~

Use #5: Sugar Scrub

Materials: Green tea bag, Green tea, granulated sugar, water, olive oil (optional)

Brew the tea. While waiting for the tea to cool down, pour some sugar (as stated from before, as much as needed) into a bowl and mix it with the tea after it has cooled down. You can also mix with olive oil. Add the loose tea leaves in too. Now, you have your own scrub for exfoliating your skin!!

Use #6: Drink

Materials: Green tea

Drink the tea!! It helps get rid of waste in your system and helps with your bodily functions.When I drink it, I like to imagine the tea flushing out the toxins in my skin to make it clearer. If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, go! Over there, I listed the benefits! Of course if you use green tea for external purposes, inside works just as fine!!

-So, will you try these methods? Don’t you just love green tea? It has soooo many uses~ That’s all for today and sadly the end of this short series. I decided to upload this post today since Sundays are usually my beauty days XD. You have to get ready for the week,  you know what I mean? Tomorrow, I will post a first impressions post on the new k-drama, “Scarlet Heart: Ryeo”. I’ve been sooo excited for that drama and now it’s out!! Can’t wait for new episodes!!!! ^_~  Pls. leave a comment, like and follow! Ty!

~CY @ kpop9019

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