“Kimi No Na Wa” Japanese Animation Movie Review

Genre: Romance, Supernatural, School

Just finished watching this movie so let’s get started when it’s fresh in my mind~

Plot: A comet appears after thousands of years in Japan. A high school girl , Mitusha, is tired of her life in the country side and especially does not enjoy working at her family shrine. She longs for a life in the city. Another high school student has the opposite situation. His name is Taki and he lives in Tokyo. Although it is not directly stated, he is an architect and seems to also have problems with his life. One night the two have dreams and they wake up in each other’s bodies. Mitusha is trapped in Taki’s body and Taki in Mitusha’s; it randomly happens. However, there is a cruel twist. The two eventually fall in love, but the comet separates them. This story is about finding each other when they have never actually met in their actual bodies.

THOUGHTS: I have no other words but to say that this was a beautiful heart-warming story. At first, I was debating whether to watch this movie or skip it, but I’m glad I stuck to it. I didn’t expect something big that happens in the story and the truth was kind of shocking, but it all made the love story soo much better~ It was sooooo beautiful!! I won’t get too much into detail as I am trying to not spoil it, but my heart was broken when the two realized the truth…. I want to spoil it sooo bad, but nope gotta keep my silence… When they finally met in person it must be instinct but they recognized each other ( I know, I know, if they switched bodies than they obviously will remember each other, but that’s when the twist plays in). I totally ship the two together. Movie is 1 hr and 38 mins. and came out in summer of 2016.


Plot= 9

Art= 8

Music= 8



-So will you watch it? Leave a comment, like, and follow!!

~CY @ kpop9019

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