Throwback Thursday #10- Alice in the Wonderland

I’m back with another drawing and this week’s on Alice in the Wonderland.

Tbh, when I was little and when I watched the animated Disney version of Alice… It seriously CREEPED me out. It was so colorful and seriously it made no sense to me whatsoever. Everything confused me: the caterpillar that smokes, the Queen, Mad Hatter and his buddies, and…. the… Cheshire Cat scared me sooo much when I was little!! He had that creepy smile on his face, disappeared whenever he liked, and his voice!! Omg don’t get me started about that creepy voice he had!!! Yeah, that left a baddddd impression on me growing up. I think I still have the movie buried downstairs in the movie cabinet somewhere… burrrr… gives me shivers… BUT!! And I’m surprised myself, I actually kind of like Alice in the Wonderland now… more like love it!! And it has nothing to do with Disney at all O.o Ever since I found “Alice in the Country of Hearts” manga series, I freaking fell for it!!! Everything was just so perfect!! So many hot dudes, the Queen (don’t know why but I feel obligated to capitalize the “q”) of Hearts actually loves Alice, and all that wonderful stuff!! Man, I was hooked with that series! I pretty much read everything. I read the main series which is the Country of Hearts and all the side stories about her ending up with almost every male character. I just haven’t had the chance to find the books on the other countries (Clover, Diamond, etc.) and I really want to read them!!! Main ship: Alice X Mad Hatter. I LOVE THOSE TWO!!! THEY ARE SOO CUTE TOGETHER! I mean like Mad Hatter is so bad-ass (sorry DX), cute, and not to mention has the same face as Alice’s ex in the real world!!! I will basically hunt you down if you’re against this ship cuz they are obviously freaking meant to be!! I didn’t really like her older sister cuz her ex fell for her and they broke up cuz of her, but you will pity her. Just to sum it up, it was incredible. Totally recommend it to anyone who loves these kinds of stuff. Funny thing was that I actually drew this pic. before I discovered the manga. I felt inspired that day and found it on Google images. Some proportions are off, I know, but oh well. 

-So yeahhh, this post pretty much ended up as a rant. If you didn’t get the memo: You should obviously go check it out! Sorry about last week’s drawing. School had just started last Wednesday and I was (and still am) bombarded with homework. I accidentally forgot to update, but I’ll try my best to remember. Today’s was kind of long to make up for it… Oh and uhh maybe you have noticed, but I haven’t updated in almost in a week. I might only have time now to update near the end of the week or weekends. But that’s all!! Pls. comment, like, and follow!!! Ty.

~CY @ kpop9019

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