What I am Currently Watching+ Kpop Groups I’m Into?

Hey guys, as you all can tell from the title, this short post will about the shows I am currently watching and kpop groups I follow. Let’s get started~


  1. Shokugeki no Souma: Ni no Sara
  2. Orange


  1. Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (k-drama)
  2. Koe Koi (j-drama)
  3. Love O2O (aka. An Alluring Smile) (c-drama)
  4. My Little Princess (c-drama)

Yes, I am still a student, but priorities man. Jk, watching all these shows really are not helping with my school work…. Major procrastinator here. I will do a review on probably all of them once I finished watching/ finished airing. Now, onto the fun stuff!!! What Kpop groups am I into?

  1. VIXX- first kpop group that got me into kpop, Bias: Hyuk + Bias Wrecker: Ken
  2. BTS- Bias: Jungkook+ Bias Wrecker: V/ Jin
  3. B.A.P- Bias: ??? (I dunno who to choose. Maybe Youngjae?)
  4. Monsta X- Bias: I.M.+ Bias Wrecker: Kihyun
  5. B1A4: Bias: This was reallyyyy hard to choose but maybe Jinyoung???+ Bias Wrecker: Gongchan …. OMG ughhh those two… They’re both hot, good singers, and all that other stuff T^T
  6. SHINee: Bias: Onew+ Bias Wrecker: ?? I’m not that into SHINee, but I listen to them
  7. SNSD: Not a big fan, but I follow them. Bias: Yoona

Potential Kpop Groups: These are some groups I might get into the future.

  1. EXO: I mentioned this before, but I wasn’t a huge fan of EXO and I aren’t yet. I do like their music, but I think it will take a little longer for me to really get into them
  2. GOT7: I do kind of follow them , but not considered a fan yet
  3. Infinite: Listened to some of their songs and they’re really good
  4. Astro: They have some cute members
  5. GFriend: I like their songs and concepts
  6. Red Velvet: Probably won’t really follow them, but I do listen to their songs

Well, that’s all. I don’t think I’m forgetting any other groups. Today I actually didn’t have a lot of hw. But, I should take this time and study for my exams on Friday…. So tired.. My dark circles under my eyes are already darker.. I think later tonight I’m going to do a sheet mask and drink green tea~ Anyways, do any of you watch the shows I’m currently watching or a fan of any of the kpop groups? Leave a comment so we can fangirl together~

-Pls. like, comment, and follow!! Ty.

~CY @ kpop9019


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