Mystic Messenger: Game Experience

Hey guys,

Today’s post will be on a new mobile game called “Mystic Messenger”. I don’t usually play games or do reviews on them, but this one is an exception. I’ve heard sooo many people talking about this game. Even two of my closest friends suggest that I try it out so I did.

Basically this game is where you interact with characters by choosing options. You have to be careful tho cuz those options could lead to whether you get a good or bad ending to the story. The story starts off when someone named “unknown” who has found a phone with your number. This “unknown” person wanted to find the owner so he contacted you. He leads you to an apartment and you are suddenly thrown to a chat room. There are 4 guy characters and 1 girl. These people are all in an organization called the “RFA”. You are “chosen” to become a member and revive the “RFA” to host parties again. This game takes place over a course of 11 days. On day 5, you get to know whether you get the good or bad ending.

There are spoilers in this post! Sorry if some things are confusing, but if you played the game then you’ll be able to understand everything!!!

THOUGHTS: Ok, so I have always been fond of games where you get to choose the guy and try to win him over. Yeahhh the ways of a single life… So naturally, I was excited to play this game and it was fun. I started off by flirting with everyone. I was so nice and didn’t pick favorites… But then day 5 rounded the corner… To clarify, it’s actually at the end of the 4th day when there’s a caution sign. You have to click on the caution sign and the game branches out from there. You continue onto day 5 to see what or who you got. I was optimistic and excited to find out who I got… but boy was I wrong… I got the bad ending the first time I played!!! I actually killed -ahem- couldn’t save a character named Yoosung from committing suicide!! I mean seriously, the me who is known in school to be the “nice” one and I killed someone?!?!?! Yeah, my heart dropped and I was so sad. My friend the day before I found out told me she had also killed Yoosung… OMG why is he so easy to kill? I mean I didn’t know what I did wrong. I was nice to everyone… Btw, does that mean I was supposed to get Yoosung’s route? So the game restarted and I tried again. This time I had a clear target and I aimed for Zen. I flirted with him hard. And… wait for it… I GOT THE BOY!!! I was soo happy! I didn’t need to waste another 5 days to get someone. I’m writing this post after I have finished Zen’s route. There was also another possibly that you could have gotten the bad ending even if you got someone, but I didn’t.

Zen was a really romantic guy and he gets kind of possessive. He’s known to be narcissistic, but if you can put up with that, then he’s your guy. I took soo many screenshots throughout; my phone is full of them. I had to document the sweetest things he said since I clearly won’t be getting a boyfriend anytime soon.. Down below are some pictures.


He kissed me….


At the end, a video popped up so I think that’s the end of the story.

What the last day looks like

I did like the story line and how everything played out. In some of the pictures, you’ll see a tab that shows how many hourglasses and hearts you have. Hourglasses are important to keep since they are a little hard to get. The first time I played, I wasted them all from calling and replaying past convos and it took me days to retrieve them. I now have 116 hourglasses. There are two modes you can play, the casual or deep story. You usually start with the casual story and you have to pay 80 hourglasses to unlock the deep story. In the causal story you can get: Yoosung, Zen, or Jaehee. The deep story is: 707 and Jumin. Be careful not to gather hearts for 707 or Jumin cuz they are for the deep story and it could lead to a bad ending for you in the casual story. You also answer e-mails for potential guests to attend your party. I usually just cheat and look online… Sorry….

There are convos at the middle of the night and during the day. I missed a couple due to school hours, but that’s ok. You can use hourglasses to play them or not. It doesn’t really matter. When you choose an answer, you could get colored hearts. Red for 707, Purple for Jumin, Sliver for Zen, Yellow for Jaehee, and Green for Yoosung. There was one time I got a white heart… I think it’s a secret route. After Zen’s route, after ending unlocked itself for me and it showed everyone’s picture. On the bottom, there are two “secrets” so they could be secret routes. Maybe for V? I want to get him so bad… I think everyone gets different experiences too. My friend told me that Yoosung made up with V in her story and unknown and 707 talked. For me that never happened… T^T Oh, and is it true that Rika was the reason why V is blind? Was she mentally unstable?

That basically sums everything up and my experience. It was really fun although it did take a lot of my attention away… I procrastinated homework and I played while walking to class… My friend was like “Really?”. I guess you could say I got a little obsessed… Now that I’m done with Zen’s route I think I’ll stop for a while. I don’t really want to replay the game since I already know what’s gonna happen. So I probably won’t get Yoosung or Jaehee. As mentioned before, I have 116 hourglasses. I think I might unlock the deep story and play for Jumin. I might also unlock Zen’s after ending. I’ll have only 16 hourglasses left so I don’t know what to do. But for now, mystic messenger will have to be put to a halt.

-So will you be playing this game or have you already played it? Leave a comment below, like, and follow! Thanks for reading!

~CY @ kpop9019

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