Throwback Thursday #11- Polite Girl

Hey guys! I’m finally back with another Throwback Thursday drawing!! I know I missed last week’s, I’m sorry! Juggling a blog and school work is a lot!!! I keep forgetting to post a drawing every Thursday so I might do every 2 weeks or whenever I remember.

This week’s drawing is a girl… duhhh I know that’s obvious, but I actually can’t remember why I drew her. Many I felt inspired that one day and just wanted to look at Google images for references? Yeah, that’s probably why. I drew this with a mechanical paper and regular eraser. It is a reference online. Now that I look at it… the neck is really small… uhhhh… oops. Ignore that part >//<. I originally wanted to name this drawing something French cuz I dunno, it kinda looks a little French.. Maybe cuz of the braids? But nahh I stuck with “polite girl” since she looks so nice and is holding her hands together in front of her. I don’t have much to say about this drawing so I’m just gonna end it here…

-I think I might have caught a cold… My nose is really running and my throat feels hot DD: Can’t believe I might be sick T^T..Thanks for reading! Pls. like, comment, and follow!!

~CY @ kpop9019


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