“Koe Koi”J-drama Review


I know today’s a Thursday and I should post a new Throwback Thursday, but today was one of the rare occasions that I actually did not have much schoolwork so I just wanted to take this time and post a review. I’ve actually been planning on posting this a week ago, but then I had to push it back a little in order to post some other stuff. Anyways, let’s get started!

Genre: School & Romance

#of Episodes: 12 (each 24 mins.)

Plot: Koe Koi follows a high school girl named Yuiko Yoshioka. She misses the first day of school due to a cold and receives a phone call from the class president. Immediately hearing his voice, Yoshioka falls in love with the mysterious student. Finding the need to go back to school, Yoshioka attends school the next day. She meets the boy who called her, but only to see him wearing a paper bag. Who is this boy and why is he wearing a paper bag? Yoshioka finds that she gradually falls in love with this boy, but has never seen his face before.

THOUGHTS: This was a cute short drama. I don’t watch as much Japanese dramas and I do Korean dramas, but I enjoyed this one. Obviously, Korean dramas are wayyyy longer since each are around 1 hr. long so a drama that was just 24 mins. really gave me a lot of leisure time. Yes, if you can tell, I’m a sucker for a good romantic school drama (I dunno, if I find a good one, I get sucked in). So this drama is a bit like the typical school drama besides the point that the main male lead wears a paper bag over his face. Throughout each episode, I was obviously screaming (in my head) for the guy to reveal the face and… I’ll just leave it at that, don’t wanna spoil a good ending~

SOME THINGS TO POINT OUT: Hmmm, I’m not sure, but the characters did not really change a lot. Like I did notice that Yoshioka seemed to open up more and stand her ground, but that’s an obvious if you want to fight for the boy. As for the others, Matsubara (the paper bag main character) did seem not to be as bothered about his appearance as before. So yes, I did see some differences, but to me, they were not great. The music… wait was there any besides the opening and ending?…. I forget…. Well, there wasn’t a lot of songs included but the opening and ending were good. They weren’t the best I’ve ever heard, but it was nice. I would say the casting was pretty good. Japanese dramas and the way they are produced are way different then Korean dramas ( I personally prefer K-dramas), but there weren’t exactly any terrible actors. Btw, Ryo Ryusei (plays another male lead), looks sooo different here!! He looks so innocent~ (although I think that’s what they intended on doing). I watched him in the “Orange” movie adaptation, and wow the difference is HUGE!!

-So, if you’ll like, pls. give this drama a try!! I would rate this a 3.5 out of 5. I know that is kind of a low score,  but I’m pretty tough at giving grades, so it might be the best drama you’ve ever seen or not. As always, pls. leave a comment, like, and follow! Thanks for reading!

~ CY @ kpop9019


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