“Shelter” Anime Review

Hey guys!!

Today I just wanted to post a short review on something I just discovered today. It was just posted last night!

Plot: 17-year old Rin lives alone. She creates her own world by drawing on an electronic pad and pen. One day, she accidentally re-discovers the past she forgot about.

THOUGHTS: So I just found this anime on Gogoanime. I like to go on there and browse through any new shows and I found this one. At first I thought that it was just a new series and each episode would be 24 mins. But I was wrong. This show only has 1 episode and it is 6 mins long. Usually, I would just skip any short anime series, but for some reason I had to keep watching and I’m glad I did. If I hadn’t then I would have missed one of the best short shows I have ever watched.

Starting off, the art was so breath-taking. I was immediately hooked!! The way Rin was drawn and the landscapes were beautiful. This is actually a collaboration between an American artist named Porter Robinson and French artist Madeon along with A-1 productions. This short video manages to capture a heart-breaking story in just 6 mins along with beautiful music. I had to re-watch 2 times. The first time was just cuz I was so taken in by the art and the second time was mainly for the story.

Oh my gosh, I’m having a hard time to write this post. This show is so hard to put into words!! At first I thought Rin was 15 and younger, but then I found out that she was actually 17. To put it short: The world was ending and her dad put her into this capsule- like thing to send her away and save her from the end of the world. It turns out that she was asleep the entire time and so many years have already passed.

Sad story right? Well, your emotions would be even more provoked after watching this short video!! I am really grateful for watching it^^ I know this isn’t a really a review, but it seriously is so harddd to put into words, so I’ll just leave the video below. Pls. watch it!! It’ll really blow your mind~

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~CY @ kpop9019

(*** All credits go to the creators/ owners of this video)

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