“Blood in Roses” Game Review

Hey guys!!

Today’s post is on a game I have almost finished playing. Almost. This game is called “Blood in Roses” by the company NTT Solmare Corp. I’ve actually played one of their games wayy back and never realized that this game came from the same company until I was in the middle of this game.

The plot of this story is that you are a witch who found a mysterious mansion. You are lost in the woods so you hope to find someone inside to ask for directions. When you get in there, you find the place empty. Suddenly two men bite you and you discover that they are vampires. However, you have not fully turned into a vampire yet and have 10 days to find and drink a liquid a rose produces. While you stay at the mansion to find the rose garden, you find that you start to like whoever character’s route you chose.

I have played a lot of these types of games before and never knew that these were called “otome” games, yeahh what a failure for an anime lover… This was a pretty good game; I liked the storyline. There were also a lot of male characters to choose from. I was stuck between a vampire named Alfred and a werewolf called Daniel. I wanted to go for a vampire like Alfred, but then I knew in real life I would like a Daniel. Annnddd I chose Alfred… I was really stuck between the two, but then I just chose Alfred since he was first on the list. I figured I’ll just do Daniel after.

This is a typical otome game where you get to choose options that could determine your ending. However, this is different from “Mystic Messenger” I played 1 month ago. You actually can’t get a bad ending. There are three different types of endings. One is called the “Serenade” ending (Moonbeam), another called “Toccata”ending (Sunlight), and the “Farewell” ending. Yeahhh I know, I was confused at first too. After doing a little research, I found out that the Toccata ending is the one to go; it’s actually the romantic ending with whoever you choose. The Serenade ending is the harem ending where there are two or more characters that like you. The Farewell ending is where you get taken away from the mansion and something bad happens to you and the male lead. I guess you could call the Farewell ending the “bad” ending.

So when I started, I chose all the Moonbeam answers cuz I thought they were the Sunlight answers, but wasn’t. I kind of had to cheat online cuz I really really wanted the Sunlight ending. I’m not really a big fan of harem stuff. And here comes the part of why I said I almost finished this game. I didn’t choose enough Sunlight answers to get the Toccata ending. I KNOW, HOW FRUSTRATING!! I ended up with 82 for Sunlight and 58 for Moonbeam. I just needed 3 more Sunlights to get the Toccata ending!! You only need 85 to get one of the endings and I was missing 3!!! I found out that you could buy an avatar item to help boost your sunlight level, but it costed 400 coins and I only have like 40. The coins are really hard to earn. I mean you could pay and all, but nahhh. You could also get B-points and convert them into coins and I did try, but I figured a lot of the things you had to do to get B-points weren’t exactly safe…

Now onto some of the stuff I didn’t like about the game. Ok, so first of all, all of the chapters of the main story are wayyy to short!! You get story tickets to read each part of the chapter, but my main problem were their lengths!! I’ll just be reading it and then BOOM, I’ll finish it. I mean some of them didn’t even take me a minute to read them given how short they were!! And the max amount of tickets are 5… AND THEY TAKE 4 HOURS TO RESTORE!!! Jeez, do they purposely do that to get my money?!?!? Well, they ain’t getting a cent from me!! (I know, I’m a cheapo).

Another problem I kind of already mentioned before, but here it is again. It would really have helped if they gave me coins to start with! Like 100 coins isn’t too much to give me when I start the game. But you have to start with a big fat 0!!! And like I mentioned before, I didn’t think the B-points converter thing was the safest since for some you had to put your address…

Lastly, those “Love Challenges” were annoying as hay. Yess “hay”!! ( if you don’t get it, I didn’t want to write the “h” word…)  For about all the chapters, there was at least one Love Challenge and they were soo annoying. You have to pass those challenges to continue to the story. Some of them were easy to pass, but the ones were you needed a certain amount of tokens… *shakes head*

Some of the other features of this game is something called “Lady Level”. You can dress your avatar and whatever clothes that avatar wears has a certain number of charm points. You can participate in the “Miss Rose” contest in order to increase your lady level which sometimes is a requirement to pass a love challenge.

So here comes “what do I do next” part. I haven’t finished Alfred’s story yet and I want to get the Toccata ending, but I don’t have enough Sunlights. I want to try and rack up some coins from the B-points thingy, but it’ll take a while. So I have the option of choosing the “Farewell” ending which is always open even if you don’t have enough Moonbeam or Sunlight points or just wait. Or another option is that I could just chose another character to play for, but everything I had before would restart. I know, harsh right? But knowing me, I’m probably going to choose the “Farewell” ending cuz I don’t have enough patience, watch the “Toccata” ending on YouTube, and then chose another character to play for. They just came out with a “Spade” story just last night!! Spade is a cat that helps you during throughout the story and they just released his story!!! And obviously, he is in human form!! He looks kind of hot in human form; I might have an animated crush on him heheh ^^. So sorry Daniel, but I think I’m going to do Spade next~

(Look how cute he is!! XDD)
-So that’s all for this game’s review. I know this was such a long post, but if you made it to this part, Congrats!! You’ve earned my respect!! (even though I have respect for all my readers <3333). Are you willing to give this game a try? Pls leave a comment below, like and follow!! Thanks for reading!!

~CY @ kpop9019

3 thoughts on ““Blood in Roses” Game Review

  1. Just in case someone else reads this trying to figure out the difference between the endings, I found this on a different site. I hope this helps.

    “Serenade ending is when the heroine turns into a vampire (completely) and stays with her love forever.

    Toccata ending means she stays human and takes off of Libra Sincera with her love

    Both require 85 Moonbeam/Sunlight points, means 17 out of 20 answers of one kind.”


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