Throwback Thursday #14- Drawing in the Field

Hey guys,

I’m back with another Throwback Thursday! I know I’ve missed last week’s and I haven’t been posting a lot and that’s due to school work. The entire month of October had been pretty hectic since I’ve been trying to get back into school mode and all the stuff all my classes required me to do was exhausting. This coming week I almost have the entire week off besides Monday and Wednesday, so I plan on updating more.

Wow, I have just noticed that I drew this nearly 3 years ago!! I did not choose this because of the date believe or not. So I have this entire drawer in my room filled with old drawings so I just randomly pick one and this had caught my eye. Just like many of my other drawings, this was drawn with a mechanical pencil and regular eraser and is a reference from Google Images. I have to say given my inexperience in drawing 3 years ago, I will like to congratulate myself for doing a somewhat decent job. The hands and hair look terrible, but everything kind of looks cute. If I colored this, I would imagine her hair to be blonde and her clothes either a green or blue color. I would also would have added little flecks to indicate grass around her. I found the little sketch book cute since I was drawing her who was drawing on something ^^

-So that’s all I have to say about this little sketch. As always, pls. leave a like, comment, and follow!! Thanks for reading!


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