OOTD: November 11,2016

Hello everyone^^

It seems like forever ever since I posted an OOTD!! I was going to post an outfit of the first week of school, but every time I remembered, I had already changed out of my clothes… Anyways, the weather’s been getting a lot colder, so it was time to whip out the sweaters!

This grey knit sweater here was from Banana Republic ($15 was on sale) It’s made out of wool so it was so comfy and warm to wear. When you wear it, it is quite long so it can cover your butt. The only downside to this, is that it is made from wool, so wearing it can get a bit itchy! I know myself, my skin was a bit irritated…

This legging is from Macy ($10). I remember when I got this around 2 years ago, printed leggings were pretty trendy. I decided to get one myself and I surprisingly found that not only were they cute, but they were quite warm too!! One time I wore this outside on a winter day and I was worried that my legs would get cold, but that wasn’t the case! Sometimes I wear this outfit with jeans, but jeans can get a bit uncomfortable, so leggings is another great alternative~

I paired this outfit with my new white Reebok sneakers ($30). I was on the hunt of a nice white pair of sneakers and I realized that I really needed a pair after noticing that they fit so well with almost every outfit. Seriously, white sneakers is a must for any wardrobe!!

And lastly, I wore a butterfly choker. I’m not sure where and how much this was since I basically stole it from my mom’s jewelry box… My neck seemed boring, but this choker pulled everything together.

This post is different than my other OOTD’s and I plan on doing them this way from now on or unless the picture turns out pretty. I couldn’t find anyone to take the picture the way I wanted so I decided instead of showing me wear it, I’ll just take a picture of each piece individually.

-So what do you guys think? Leave a comment below, like, and follow!! Thanks for reading!

~CY @ kpop9019

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