“The K2” Kdrama Review

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since this drama has ended and also two weeks since I saw the finale. Here’s my long delayed drama review~

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Genre: Political, Action, Romance

Eps: 16

Plot: Kim Jea-ha used to be a mercenary and soldier; he is known to be a very good fighter. He returns to Korea after an incident in Iraq for being framed for the murder of his lover. On the run, he meets Choi Yoo-jin who hires him to become a bodyguard. He is ordered to protect presidential candidate Jang Se-joon’s secret daughter, Go Anna. Go Anna’s life has always been threatened since Choi Yoo-jin tries to kill her (she’s the stepmother). Kim Jea-ha and Go Anna slowly fall in love and face the threats of greater powers.

THOUGHTS: I did not know what I was getting myself into when curiosity got the best of me. I just figured I would watch it since I was a Yoona fan (she’s so pretty~). Yoona plays Go Anna in this drama and I think she did a really good job! She was able to portray Anna to be innocent and ignorant, yet who shows despise towards her stepmother. I could feel her character grow more confident as the drama rolled towards the end. I also give her a lot of props; she must have a lot of breath. In the first episode she non-stop ran (you’ll understand after watching the first episode ^_~). I kind of wish she had more parts though. I know she is one of the main leads, but I feel like she was the second most important lead and not the first. Dat ramen dance tho~

Image result for The k2 ramen dance

Song Yoon-ah plays Choi Yoo-jin and… OMG!! I loved her character!!! Even though she was the bad guy and usually you’re supposed to hate the evil characters, but.. hold on it’s so hard to express in words how great of an actress she is.. SHE WAS AMAZING!!! I loved how she played her character, expressed her emotions, and she acted just like the way a step-mother should act!!! Grade A acting! I hated her husband though… I mean his acting was pretty good and all, but I hated his character! He was the root to all their miseries and he looks like a fart-bag (o>//<o). I’m not even going to dive in about him. He did do something super nice in the end though, so I’ll forgive him… a little…

Anyways, to the most important part… ehem.. Ji Chang-wook was SUPER hot in this drama <333. He looked so manly protecting Anna and their cute moments were just.. so cute T^T I ship them so much. He was also another wonderful actor. I mean who could do those fight moves and still look so cool afterwards? Was it just me or did he look like V from BTS in the first episode with that long hair?

It was also kind of fun spotting the drama’s sponsors. They tried to subtly showcase their products in some of their episodes. I found the beauty brand “Labiotte” with their wine lip tints/ lipsticks (I want to try them!!), the restaurant “Subway”, some sheet mask brand and some sort of drink in episode 14. They also referenced to Twice’s song “Cheer up”.

So as you can tell, I thoroughly enjoyed this drama. It was really good! The ending was sad and it seemed like they were hinting that Anna might have become evil (she doesn’t). I got some “City Hunter”vibes from it and it was kind of similar, but there were also great differences. I found myself not bored half-way because sometimes dramas get boring for me so I drop it. But this wasn’t the case for this drama, probably because of the acting. The music and production were amazing as well. I highly recommend this drama to anyone who is bored to watch it!

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~CY @Kpop9019

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