Pokemon Spotlight Sunday #1

Hey guys!

This is CY @ Kpop9019. WE’VE GOT OUR FIRST AUTHOR (well besides me, but I’m the admin and all so…)!!!! I’ve partnered up with one of my friends to create a new project! Let me introduce Dave!! *clap clap* So without further ado, here it is!

Hello everyone! My name’s Dave, and I’m bringing some new content to this here humble blog. That new content will be: Pokemon Spotlight Sundays! Basically, every Sunday, I’ll pick a Pokemon to review, giving my opinions on it and looking on it’s competitive viability, meaning stats, abilities, and good movesets. This week, we’ll start with my favorite pokemon, Lilligant.


First Lilligant is a very beautiful pokemon, in my opinion. She is very elegant and adorable. Personally, I would take Lilligant to a battle anyday, which is exactly what i did in my Pokemon Moon playthrough. But, these are just opinions, let’s look at some cold, hard facts.

Competitive wise, Lilligant is very situational. She is a Grass type, meaning she has 5 weaknesses: Fire, Ice, Flying, Poison, and Bug. Therefore, most Pokemon will be able to take her out no problem. Alongside that, Grass is only strong against three types: Water, Ground, and Rock. So in a regular competitive match-up, Lilligant isn’t very viable. She also has a very predictive moveset: Quiver Dance, Petal Dance, Sleep Powder, and either Giga Drain or Hidden Power. There is a reason she is ranked very low on the official tier list, only at RU (Rarely Used). Let’s look at some pros now.

When set-up correctly, Lilligant can be a powerhouse, ripping teams limb from limb. You see, Lilligant can have the ability “Own Tempo” meaning she will never get confused. Her strongest move,
Petal Dance, will attack for 2-3 turns, then the user will become confused. This isn’t the case with Lilligant. Since she can never become confused with Own Tempo, she can use Petal Dance as many times as she wants without having to worry about becoming confused. Her next move, Quiver Dance, raises her Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed by 1 in that same turn. The Speed boost will make her faster than most Pokemon, and her Special Attack Boost will make her Petal Dance even more powerful. Her Special Defense boost will of course make her be able to take Special Attacks more easily.

The best way to set-up is, Sleep Powder, Quiver Dance 2-3 times, then unleash havoc with Petal Dance. Giga Drain is there to restore HP, or Hidden Power can be used for more coverage.

A couple more problems. You cannot use Sleep Powder on any Grass type Pokemon. 7 types resist Grass: Bug, Dragon, Fire, Flying, Grass, Poison, and Steel. If Lilligant is up against any of these types, it can be problematic. She is also prone to switch in’s, meaning when a different Pokemon switches in on the opponent’s side. Petal Dance will lock Lilligant in place for those 2-3 turns that she attacks, meaning she can’t do anything BUT attack, no switching out and no using a different move for those turns. A huge problem is a Pokemon that is resistant to Grass swapping in, like Scizor, Talonflame, or Bellossom. These Pokemon will take advantage of being resistant to Grass, and will set-up in your face, like you did to them.

Here are her stats:

Her most prominent stat is, of course, her Special Attack. The rest of her stats are around average. Her Speed is ok, but she won’t be outspeeding many threats, like Infernape or Volcarona, both of which will definately one-hit KO a Lilligant.

Lilligant is a very predictable Pokemon, and can be easily taken out or countered. However, if set-up properly, Lilligant can sweep entire teams. That’s all for this weeks Pokemon Spotlight Sunday. I hope you enjoyed! Make sure to come back next week when we will review the Pokemon, Whimsicott!



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