DIY Choker

Yes, I’m back with another DIY!!!! As you can tell from the title it’ll be on how to make this super easy hoop choker!!

A little back story: Chokers are such a huge trend right now and… yes this girl has been sucked into the vortex. I am in love with this trend; it looks so good!! So I’ve been to so many stores looking for a cheap yet cute choker and all of them are crazy expensive!! Went to Forever 21 and the cheapest was $3, which isn’t that bad but it wasn’t as cute as the others. Then I went to Pac Sun and… JEEZ!! The one I wanted costed $12!! Desperate for another one cos I only have that other butterfly choker, I decided to DIY it. Keep reading to find out how to make it~


  • Black Shoelace
  • Key Chain hoop
  • Scissors


  1. Take your black shoelace and key chain hoop

(I take the little chains off later)

2. Loop both sides of the shoelace through the hoop. When you pull both sides of the shoelace, you’ll see a  loop form like the one below. Make sure to make it pretty big and do not pull all the way.

3. Put the loop over your head and pull. You can adjust how tight you want it to be.

4. Taking the two ends of the shoelace after putting the loop over your head, push them to the back of your neck so it isn’t noticeable. Knot it.

5. And whoa~ You have your own hoop choker!!! It’s so cute, isn’t it? ^^

This DIY was so easy and looks so cute! My friends even complimented me and asked where I got it from. And of course I took the pride in telling them it was a DIY ^0^

-So what do you guys think? Will you try it? Leave a comment below, like, and follow!! Thanks for reading!

~CY @ Kpop9019

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