Throwback Thursday #16- Hatsune Miku

Hey guys!

It’s Thursday and I’m finally back with another Throwback Thursday! My last one was nearly a month ago and I apologize due to school. Just today I had 6 exams and I’m so glad I’m done. Winter break starts for me tomorrow!! I’m so excited! Without further ado~

This is my drawing of Hatsune Miku from 2 yrs. ago. I used mechanical pencil and a reference from online. I think I did a pretty good job XD. I actually don’t listen to vocaloid a lot, but will occasionally just randomly choose one.  Hatsune is one of my faves ^^ Oh and behind the little black scribble is my signature but I’m not going to show it yet.

-So do any of you listen to vocaloid? Pls. Leave a comment, like, and follow!! Thanks for reading! And happy holidays ^o^

~ CY @Kpop9019

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