OOTD: December 25, 2016


Dave, dat dude who was supposed to post another Spotlight Sunday (if you haven’t read them, GO!!) decided to take this week off so I’m just going to post an OOTD today.

I hope you all are having an amazing holiday!! Today I just randomly got this outfit idea and here it is!! (it may look plain and simple to some, but it looked so CUTE to me <333)

( I’m not going to list the prices since I forgot)

Sweater: Kohl’s

Jeggings: Uniqlo

Boots: Kohl’s

Beanie: *somewhere*

My grandma gifted me a charm bracelet she got from her cruise trip.

I guess I was just festive or something but I decided to go all out. My nails are painted a dark red. I curled my hair to create soft natural looking curls. I did a natural makeup: eyeliner, mascara, bb cream, and a lightly tapped a little of red lipstick. I’m wearing long black socks that are slightly showing. I paired this outfit with a mini black backpack. You can’t see it in the pic, but I’m also wearing a light gray beanie and that just completed the entire look.
Maybe it was just the Christmas magic or something, but everything came out perfectly. I had to pat myself on my back for doing such a good job.

– So what did you guys do over the holidays? Pls. leave a comment, like, and of course follow!! Thanks for reading!

~CY @ Kpop9019

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