Yuri On Ice- Anime Review

Hello~ I’m back with another review!

I hope you guys had an amazing break~ I’m sad to say today was the first day back to school… Break is too short DX

I decided to start the new year with the oh-so-popular anime “Yuri On Ice”. I’ve heard so many people recommending this anime so I jumped abroad and gave it a shot. It also so happened that a few days ago, I went ice skating… And let me tell you, I was obviously not as graceful as Yuri T^T I tried really hard not to fall and it kind of breaks my heart that when I was younger, I was actually a pretty good skater, but now that I’m older I’m more afraid of falling. BUT I actually did not fall, not even once^^ Only downside is: My muscles are aching.. I’m getting a little off-topic now, so without further ado here’s my review~

[Contains some spoilers!!!!!]

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Plot: Yuri Katsuki is a timid skater who is easily discouraged and this is shown after his defeat during the “Grand Prix Final”. He returns home to Japan to take a break off skating. One day during a practice session, Yuri tries to imitate his role model and the best skater Victor Nikiforov. His friend’s children video tapes it and posts it online, attracting immense attention; so big that Victor himself came to Japan and decides to coach Yuri. Tis begins the journey of Yuri Katuski climbing his way to the top with the help of his coach Victor.

I started this anime thinking it was a typical sports anime and it kind of is in a sense besides this “romantic” element to it. I’m going to start about the sports element first.

I really loved the animation and music. It must be so hard creating a sports anime. You have to be educated about it and then make sure all the movements are executed to precision. And you have to make sure you don’t make it boring or repeat scenes too much. I obviously could tell how much time and effort must have been to make this anime. Just like most sports anime, this motivated me to ice skate, but as I mentioned before… Yeah, no that did not end well haha… I also really liked how realistic they made it. Besides the awesome realistic physical appearances of the different characters and their different backgrounds, it also revealed the pressures some skaters or anyone in general faces. It also shows how easily discouraged some are and how we all need to believe in ourselves.

Loved the music especially his own song,”Yuri on Ice”. It sounded so graceful and overall so beautiful ^^. The character development was interesting. Yuri grew up so much and realized his flaws and how to overcome them. He started off so timid and afraid, but grew to accept and believe in himself. Victor gained more experience even though he was off ice and a new perspective on skating. Yuri Plisetsky is a Russian skater, rival of Yuri Katuski and he became so determined which is a good thing! Oh, and I’m not exactly sure if I’m on Team Russian Yuri or Japanese Yuri. I get mixed feelings when one or the other win heheh..

Now… to the unexpected “Romance”. Well, I said unexpected but deep down I knew something was brewing even before it became obvious. [Huge spoiler!!] *Deep breathes* WHAT WAS THAT BETWEEN YURI K. AND VICTOR?!?!? Whoaaaaaa!!!! That escalated quickly…. That whole marriage thing b/w them and their relationship, WOW! And that thing about Yuri not able to preform as well without Victor and Victor being the only one able to fully understand him… Hmmm, I wonder if the world realized that thing the two had between them haha. I was kind of sad when Yuri didn’t win the Grand Prix… HE WAS ONLY 0.5 off? (excuse me, I dunno the exact numbers). I gotta admit I was pretty upset! If Yuri had won gold, he and Victor could have gotten married!! T^T But I guess that’s a good reason to create season 2.

So yeah, my feelings went up and down watching this. LOL I thought they named the main character “Yuri” since that means “Girl love” in Japanese, but then again it would have been called yaoi. I enjoyed this series. I would recommend this to anyone who likes yaoi, sports, and yeah skating. ^o^

-So did any of you watch this anime? What were your thoughts on it? Leave a comment below, like, and follow!!! Thanks for reading!

~CY @ Kpop9019



6 thoughts on “Yuri On Ice- Anime Review

  1. I was hesitant to watch it and there were some scenes that when my parents walked past rose a lot of eyebrows and had me packed out laughing! Unfortunately due to social media I knew most of what was coming before watching it so some of the effect was lost. It was a good anime on the whole otherwise, I am glad I watched it.

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    • Haha ur parents so you watching?!? XDD For extra precaution, I have to shut my room door and face away from it ^^ Awhhh that’s unfortunate that social media spoiled it, but I agree, it wasn’t a bad anime

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m in my early 20s so it’s not a big issue 😂 plus my pc is in the lounge so not much I can do. They must just deal. I just can’t watch anything overly explicit with them there 😂

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  2. Oh my gosh. High-five! Yes! This anime was such a fun and thrilling rollercoaster. I was like a madwoman whenever I watched this. I always get so exhausted shrieking and jumping and dancing and rolling and just simply acting like a deranged human being. It was so much fun, though. I’ve always been a huge figure skating fan (although I can’t skate myself), so I was already looking forward to this anime even when it was still a rumour more than a year ago. I just didn’t expect it to be this huge, internet-breaking phenomenon. So amazing. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for writing this post. Here’s to season 2, cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s amazing! I could feel your enthusiasm all the way from here!! I totally understand, I’m a fan of figure skating myself, but when I go on the ice, my feet just freeze lol.Thanks for the comment! Can’t wait for season 2!!

      Liked by 1 person

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