Pokemon Spotlight Sundays #3

Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been away for two weeks, holidays have been crazy. But now we’re back, so let’s dig into today’s pick: Sableye, specifically, Mega Sableye.



Sableye really is an advocate of “big things come in small packages.” It’s a small Pokemon, but the power that this little guy brings to the table is something to watch out for.

Let’s make this clear: Sableye was in OU (OverUsed, the most played tier), but now it’s in Ubers, meaning it was just too strong. But, we’re gonna go over Sableye anyway, as it’s still a favorite Pokemon of mine, even if I can’t use it in an OU team anymore…Like last week’s Pokemon, Sableye is best used with Prankster. Sorry for having two Prankster Pokemon in a row! Sableye utilizes different moves however. He is also used for a different reason than Whimsicott.

Remember, we’re using a Mega Sableye set, which means his ability will change to Magic Bounce when he Mega Evolves. This means 9/10 times you don’t want to Mega Evolve right away. The way I use Mega Sableye is as a Set-up Sweeper. The moves I use are Calm Mind, Recover, Will-O-Wisp, and Shadow Ball. As you can probably tell, you literally cannot hit Normal types with this set, which is why we run Will-O-Wisp. Notice how every move except Shadow Ball is a status move. This means Sableye gets free Calm Minds and Recovers, along with a Will-O-Wisp if up against a Physical threat. However, when Sableye Mega Evolves, it’ll lose this priority.

Every move here is pretty simple, Shadow Ball is a Special Attack, Will-O-Wisp burns the target (which halves their Physical damage), Calm Mind increases Special Attack and Special Defense by 1 stage, and Recover restores half of your HP. If you’re up against a Physical Attacker, Will-O-Wisp them. If you’re up against a Special Attacker, use Calm Mind to reduce their damage delt to you. If you’re low on health, you can use Recover to restore your HP without taking any more damage. This is all of course assuming you haven’t Mega Evolved yet.

Let’s explain EV’s very quickly. Every Pokemon has 6 stats: HP, Attack, Special Attack, Defense, Special Defense, and Speed. Well, did you know those stats can be improved? When you defeat a Pokemon, the Pokemon that was defeated will give your Pokemon an EV (Effort Value) in a specific stat. Different Pokemon give different EV’s. Every EV that is placed into a certain stat will make that stat more powerful as you level up. Every Pokemon can recieve a grand total of 510 EV’s. Every stat can recieve 252 EV’s max. That is why it is important to train your Pokemon in their best stats, such as training a Lilligant in Speed and Special Attack since it will allow it to grow stronger, making her faster and be able to deal more damage. The last 4 EV’s can be spent on whatever, but I usually either put it in a defense and in HP.

Now that you know that, here are Sableye’s stats:


And here are Mega Sableye’s stats:


Of course, Speed is TERRIBLE. But that’s not a problem with Prankster.
Sableye’s stats are overall average, with it’s highest being in Attack and Defense. Mega Sableye does get a good boost though, with it’s best stat still being Defense, followed by Special Defense, and Attack and Special Attack.

Here’s the set I use:
Calm Mind
Shadow Ball
Item: Sablinite (Mega Stone)
EV’s: Special Defense: 252
HP: 252
Special Attack: 4
Nature: Calm

That’s all you really need to know. Just watch out for Normal Types, and remember to think about Mega Evolving first, rather than just doing it right away, and you should be fine.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned till next week when we cover the Pikachu Poser: Mimikyu.

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