Pokemon Spotlight Sunday #4

It’s that time of the week again! Welcome everyone to another Pokemon Spotlight Sunday! Today we’re gonna uncover the mysterious Alolan Pokemon: Mimikyu.


Mimikyu’s pretty spooky indeed…who knows what’s really under that cover? Is it a small, black, cuddly creature? Or the demon of your nightmares? Either way, on the battlefield, Mimikyu’s a scary threat.

Mimikyu’s a Ghost/Fairy type, a unique typing. It’s only weak to two things: Steel and Ghost. That, and status effects are Mimikyu’s biggest weaknesses. Instead of relying on Prankster like the last two week’s Pokemon, it relies on it’s Disguise ability. What does this ability do? Well, it’s almost like a free Substitute, which we discussed in my Whimsicott post. The differences between Disguise and a Substitute are that Disguise will only take one hit (no matter what that is) while Substitute has a certain amount of health, and can take more weaker attacks. Second, Disguise does NOT protect Mimikyu from Status Effects. So watch out for Toxic and Thunder Wave. Anyway, Disguise will protect Mimikyu for one hit, meaning he can set-up for free. That set-up being Swords Dance, a move that increases your attack by two stages.

Mimikyu is an all-out physical attacker. Sword Dance paired with Disguise is a blessing. The other three moves should all be attacks of different types, for more coverage. These should be: Play Rough, Shadow Sneak, and Leech Life (the buff Leech Life recieved actually makes it viable now). Play Rough is a Fairy type move and Shadow Sneak is a Ghost type move, meaning these will both gain STAB (Same-Type Attack Bonus), which simply means they will be a little more powerful because they are the same type as the Pokemon.

Leech Life is a Bug type attack that is like a Bug Drain Punch. It will restore your health by half of the damage you dealt to your opponent (Drain Punch is the same thing but it’s a Fighting type attack). One added thing: Shadow Sneak is a priority move, meaning it will automatically go first (unless your opponent uses a priority move aswell and has more Speed than you). This is the perfect thing for a Sweeper: a STAB move that goes first. Sort of like last week however, this will not affect Normal types, as they are immune to Ghost type moves and vice-versa.

Here are it’s stats:


Surprisingly, Special Defense is it’s best stat. Up next is Speed, followed by Attack. These stats are average. Speed and Attack are the stats that we want to utilize the most.

Here is the set that I use:
Swords Dance
Play Rough
Leech Life
Shadow Sneak
Held Item: Focus Sash (The Pokemon will survive a move that would’ve knocked it out with 1 HP if it has full health)

Attack: 252
Speed: 252
HP: 4
Nature: Adamant

That’s really all there is to it. Sword Dance turn one, Swords Dance again if necessary (Focus Sash will protect you) and use your varied arsenal of attacks to demolish your opponent. This set has worked very well for me, and I hope it does for you too!

Thanks for reading! Tune in next week when we take a special request and review the Pokemon: Piplup and Empoleon!


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