Pokemon Spotlight Sundays #5

Welcome back to Pokemon Spotlight Sunday everyone! This week we’re looking at the Generation 4 Water Starter, Piplup/Empoleon.image


Now you may be asking: why am I going over two Pokemon this week? Well let’s just say I was sort of forc- I mean asked to. Let’s start with a quick overview of Piplup:

Well Piplup is cute, but not even close to being viable for higher tiers. Piplup is at least decent for LC (Little Cup) which is a tier in which baby Pokemon are only used, such as Piplup. It has access to Stealth Rock and Defog, so it chip away at entering enemies, breaking Sturdy, and it can clear out any entry hazards for your teammates. It should be more Physically Defensive, so EV’s should be:
252 Defense
252 HP
4 Special Defense
Item: Eviolite
Nature: Bold
Moves: Stealth Rock
Ice Beam
I’m not going to show it’s stats since this post would be too long, but it has good Special Attack and Special Defense.

Now to the real stuff, Empoleon. Empoleon can be used very similarly, except it should be trained in Special Defense rather than Physical Defense. And well, he can get pretty darn annoying…

Weaknesses: Empoleon is weak to Ground, Fighting, and Electric. Really any Physical Move can either knock it out, or severely damage it, but Fighting and Ground will of course hit really hard. Empoleon can maybe take a Thunderbolt, but not always. Try to watch out for these since you won’t be investing in Speed.

Strengths and Resistances: Empoleon actually resists a total of 10 different types, being: Normal, Flying, Rock, Bug, Steel, Water, Psychic, Ice, Dragon, and Fairy. Of course, a huge strength will be resisting all of these types. Another is being immune to Poison. And Special or Physical Move from these types will almost never one hit KO Empoleon (unless of course they spam stat boosting moves).

Set: Scald
Flash Cannon
Stealth Rock
Item: Leftovers
Nature: Calm
EV’s: 252 Special Defense
252 HP
4 Special Attack

Strategy: Empoleon can be used to annoy and chip away at opposing Pokemon by setting up Stealth Rocks and Roaring away. This is of course if he isn’t knocked out. Scald and Flash Cannon are STAB Moves, so they’ll be some damage. Flash Cannon can be used to take out Fairy Types and Scald can be used to fish for Burns and mess up and Physical Attackers coming your way.



Overall, stats are decent. Special Defense and Special Attack being the highest, while bringing in some decent Physical Defense. Speed of course isn’t that great and neither is attack. Both of these stats however, won’t be used that often or not at all (Attack will never be utilized, Speed can sometimes allow Empoleon to outspeed slower Pokemon).

Well, that’s about it! Have fun ruining some poor sap’s day! Tune in next week when we’ll go over another Mega, Mega Charizard X. Till next time!

– Dave

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