Pokemon Spotlight Sunday #6

Here we are again with another Pokemon Spotlight Sunday! This week, we’re going over the Fire/Dragon type beast: Mega Charizard X.


Now, Charizard actually has two Mega forms, Charizard X and Charizard Y. Both are actually opposites, X should be used more physically offensive, and Y should be used more specially offensive. We’ll cover Mega Charizard Y next week.

Weaknesses: Mega Charizard X’s main weaknesses are of course, its typing. The switch from Fire/Flying to Fire/Dragon switches up its weaknesses and resistances.
Now, Charizard will be weak to Rock by only 2x, Dragon by 2x, Ground by 2x. Even if it has wings, it’s not a flying type anymore. Other weaknesses are taunt users and any sweeper that is faster than it.

Strengths and Resistances: This type change does bring a few resistances, however. Now, it will take neutral damage to Water, and the huge Rock weakness regular Charizard has is reduced due to the loss of the Flying type. Charizard X will still resist Grass by 4x and now it will resist Fire by 4x. It’s strengths are it’s ability and good move pool. Tough Claws will increase the power of moves that make contact, A.K.A physical moves. With a good variety of physical moves and good set up moves, plus recovery, setting up can be easy.

– Dragon Dance/Swords Dance
– Flare Blitz
– Dragon Claw
– Roost
Item: Charizardite X
Nature: Adamant
EV’s: 252 Attack
252 Speed
4 HP

Strategy: First, set up. You could go with either Dragon Dance or Swords Dance. Both raise Attack, but Swords Dance raises it by 2 stages, and Dragon Dance raises it by 1 stage, but also raises Speed by 1 stage. It’s up to you to decide which one to use. Next, Roost if you have to to regain any lost HP. Lastly, Flare Blitz or Dragon Claw away. Of course, use the move that will be more effective. Don’t use Flare Blitz on a Blastoise! Remember to Roost when necessary.



Attack and Special Attack are the highest, and both are equally as strong (cosidering Tough Claws, physical moves are your best bet), Speed it pretty good and it’s Defense allows it to take a good punch or two. Overall, it’s stats are raised pretty well to compliment it’s physicall set up.

I hope you liked this week’s Pokemon Spotlight Sunday! Starting to consider hatching Charmanders? If you aren’t, then maybe next week’s Pokemon, Mega Charizard Y, will convice you.
Have a nice week everyone!

– Dave

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