Goblin Drama Review

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How are you all doing? Over here on the east coast we are expecting a snowstorm tomorrow and tbh, I’m pretty happy^^ Right now I’m just listening to I.O.I’s “downpour” (which I’m in love with) and trying to get this review posted just in case I lose power tomorrow lol. And I’m also very excited to post about the popular kdrama “Goblin” so let’s get started!

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I first heard about this drama from KBS World TV channel on Youtube. They had a ton of previews out and at first I did not really care for them, but then I started hearing amazing reviews so I naturally just had to check it out!!

Plot: Kim Shin is a goblin who is punished by God and his punishment is immortality. He has an invisible sword inside of him and only when he finds the goblin bride will he be able to rest in peace. To present day: Kim Shin finally meets the goblin bride who is a young girl named Ji Eun-tak. Eun-tak has the ability to see ghosts since she is the goblin’s bride. Kim Shin also happens to live with a grim reaper and as the drama progresses, everyone’s past is revealed and the most important question standing is whether Kim Shin will return to ashes and finally receive his peace.

Initial Thoughts: 

Wow. Just wow. This drama had such a strong opening that made me immediately hooked. The first episode told most of the background story and I remember feeling such a variety of feelings. I went from curious -> sad -> happy -> sad and all over again. I’m just going to say it right now, but if you have not seen this yet, you have to!!


I also really liked all the actresses and actors. Even though there were a lot of complaints about Kim Go-eun (who plays Eun-tak) not being “pretty enough”, you have to give her props for acting. She acted like a cute high schooler even though she is past her school days and was a good crier.

Lee Dong-wook who plays the Grim Reaper, also did an amazing job. There were funny moments when he was teasing the goblin and moments when you just pitied him (especially with his romance with Sunny). He has an unexpected past which plays a big role but shhh.. (no spoilers!!)

Now let’s get to Gong Yoo (who plays Kim Shin/goblin). He has been gaining a lot of attention these past 2 months. I hear stories about idols confessing he is their ideal type and articles about how in this drama he acted like the perfect boyfriend and… I have to admit… while watching this drama I kept checking off my little own “ideal boyfriend” requirements. This is a little off-topic but… First, he is rich and ok-good looking. He’s tall and slim which gives off this mysterious vibe and he is fashionable ( which a lot of viewers pointed out). He is a romantic, acts cute, and is funny. He also knows how to act serious and cool all at the same time.

And last but not least, Sunny who is played by Yoo In-Na. I did not mention Sunny in the plot since she comes in a little later and is the supporting role. Yoo In-Na did a good job in acting Sunny out to be a distant yet awkwardly cute character. Sunny is involved in a romance with the grim reaper and obviously since she is human she cannot end up with the grim reaper. That part is obvious, but she plays another huge role in her past which is slowly revealed as the drama progress.

All in all, I was satisfied with the casting~

Story progression: 

I thought the plot was pretty good; it peaked my interest. I do have a little thing that I was dissatisfied with and that is the slowness of the story. Usually, I cannot tolerate slow romance or any type of story at all. I like things fairly fast and to the point. But in this drama it was bearable. It had a mixture of comedy and romance so that kept me really intrigued. But, if things picked up a little quicker, I think that would add more to my love for this drama.


Another reason why I decided to start watching this drama was because I heard the opening song on Youtube. It was Chanyeol (from EXO) and Punch’s “Stay With Me” and I loved it! All the other songs included where really enjoyable as well.

Final Thoughts:

I also loved the references they throw in. I was cracking up when they mentioned Kim Woo-bin, etc.

Anyways, this drama is nearly perfection. I highly recommend this drama; any drama lovers have to add this to their watch list!! Let’s rate it a 4.8 out of 5!!

-Have any of you watched or plan on watching this drama? What do you think? Pls. leave a comment, like, and follow! Thanks for reading!!

~CY @ Kpop9019




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