Pokemon Spotlight Sundays #7

Hey everyone! Remember last week’s Pokemon? Well this week we’re going over the other Mega Charizard has: Mega Charizard Y.

This Mega Charizard is the opposite of last week’s Mega, in terms of offensive capabilities that is. This Charizard is more Specially Offensive rather than Physically Offensive.

Weaknesses: Mega Charizard Y does not change it’s typing when it Mega Evolves. This means it will retain all of the weaknesses that a regular Charizard has. These weaknesses being Rock by 4x, Water by 2x, and Electric by 2x. Stealth Rocks will bring Charizard down to half health if he happens to switch in on them, so keep note of that. It’s biggest weakness is of course, Rock type moves.

Strengths and Resistances: Where to begin with this one? Let’s quickly go over resistances first. It is resistant to Fighting, Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass, and Fairy type moves. This can come in handy, as Steel and Fairy types are pretty common to come across. Now for strengths. First, Drought. Mega Charizard Y will gain Drought, which will create harsh sunlight, boosting Fire type moves and reducing the power of Water type moves. Now you can take on a Water type and probably even do a ton of damage with a Fire type move, even on a water type. Next is the move pool. Along with good Physical moves, Charizard gains access to good Special moves. These include Fire Blast and even Solar Beam. Did you know Solar Beam only takes one turn to use if a Drought is active? Although lacking in good stat boosting moves, Mega Charizard Y can still pack quite a punch with a Drough up.

– Flamethrower/Fire Blast
– Air Slash
– Solar Beam
– Roost
Item: Charizardite Y
Nature: Modest
EV’s: 252 Special Attack
252 Speed
4 HP

Strategy: First, determine if you’re in a good match-up. If you find yourself cornered by a Rock type the first turn, switch out. If you’re in a good match-up, Mega Evolve to reap the benefits of Drought. Is your opponent switching into a Water type that’s slower than you? Use Solar Beam, it’s a strong move that normally takes 2 turns to use, but with Drought it will only take 1. With Mega Charizard Y, you have to use the move that will do the most damage against a certain type. Of course, use Fire or Flying type moves on Grass types and Solar Beam on Water types. Remember how if you were up against a Rock type in the beginning? If they’re slower than you, which they usually are, use Solar Beam to destroy them in one hit. Roost when you need to to regain lost HP. If your Drought goes away, either switch out and swap back in to get it back up, or let your Charizard be knocked out to let your other Pokemon sweep up.

These stats compliment Mega Charizard Y very well. The highest stat is Special Attack, follower by Special Defense, Attack, and then Speed. These stats are pretty good and help out Mega Charizard Y a lot.

That has been both of the Charizard Megas! I hope you enjoy using either one of them, as they are both very powerful. Next week we’ll go over a Pokemon that has been urking me weeks: Trevenant. See you then!
– Dave

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