Throwback Thursday #18- Chilly Weather and Bonus!

I’m finally back with another Throwback Thursday! To make up for the last couple of posts, I decided to include an extra mini drawing at the end~


I picked out this drawing since I thought that this suited the current weather, but little did I know, that even though it’s February, tomorrow it is going to be 68º F. That just blows my mind. It should be snowing and super cold, yet it feels like spring! Tbh, I shouldn’t be complaining. I’m already tired of the cold weather so some days like this just brighten me. Anyways, this was drawn 3 yrs. ago and even though that was so long ago, I still remember little old me watching a tutorial on this drawing on YouTube. Since I didn’t have any fancy sketching pencils back then, I used a regular 2HB pencil. Ughhh… one of her hands look horrid… But I still give me back then some props, I think it looks pretty good since I was a little kid.

Now for the bonus drawing~

This is a little something I made for my friend’s birthday ^^. Instead of getting a usual store brought birthday card, I wanted to add a little personal touch to my gift, so I made my own birthday card for her. I was inspired by a YouTube video where someone showed this handmade floral card for her birthday, and I thought that it would be cute. I used water color paints and regular paint brushes. I’m still an amateur at using water-color  and I finished this in about 20 mins. so pls. excuse some parts of it. For the lines on the leaves, I just went in with my outlining pens.

-And so that’s all!!! Pls. leave a comment, like, and follow! Thanks for reading!!

~CY @ Kpop9019


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