Pokemon Spotlight Sundays #8

What’s up everyone? This week we’re going to go over a good Specially Defensive Pokemon: Trevenant.


It looks pretty spooky, not gonna lie. A tree possessed by a ghost? I’d rather not. This particular Pokemon urks me, however.
Not because of it’s looks, but because I’ve been trying to get a shiny Phantump (this Pokemon’s pre-evolution) and I haven’t been able to after 800+ egg. It’s a shame really…but we aren’t here to talk about that.

Weaknesses: Being a Grass type naturally comes with a lot of type weaknesses. Trevenant is weak to Flying, Ghost, Fire, Ice, and Dark. You may have noticed that he isn’t weak to Bug and Poison. The Ghost type actually resists those, so those are no longer as effective against Trevenant. Also, as with most defensive Pokemon, a good Taunt will mess him up big time, especially against Physical attackers.

Strengths and Resistances: Mr. Tree Friend is resistant to Ground, Water, Grass, and Electric. These are pretty good types to be resistant to, not to mention immunity to Normal and Fighting type moves, and being immune to Leech Seed. Strengths are pretty solid defenses and the great combo of Harvest and Sitrus Berry. Let me explain. Sitrus Berry restores 1/4 of the Pokemon’s HP when it’s HP get to half or lower. Harvest is an ability that when activated, will restore your held berry when it is used. This means that you can eat your Sitrus Berry, and then get it immediently back. You can actually have unlimited Sitrus Berries (assuming your Trevenant lives forever). Of course, Harvest will not activate all the time, but when it does it can be berry distruptive to your opponent, making it difficult to knock out your Trevenant. With Will-O-Wisp against a Physical attacker, you can basically guarantee that you’ll survive the hit and get your health back up. Against a Special attacker, your Special Defense will help you survive in that case.

– Will-O-Wisp
– Horn Leech
– Substitute
– Shadow Sneak
Item: Sitrus Berry
Nature: Careful
Ability: Harvest
EV’s: 252 Special Defense
252 HP
4 Defense

Strategy: First, if possible, Substitute. This will allow you to more safely set-up and stay alive while using your attacks. Then, Will-O-Wisp. This is the most effective against non-Fire type Physical attackers, since it cuts their Attack stat in half. Then, use your attacks. Horn Leech steals your enemy’s HP, and Shadow Sneak is a priority move, which means it will always go first. Perfect for finishing up low HP Pokemon. Try not to worry too much if your HP gets a little low, as your berry and ability will be automatically used when your HP is low or your berry is already eaten.
If Harvest does not activate, use Horn Leech. Of course, use the right moves against your opponent. Don’t Shadow Sneak a Normal Type! You can basically just repeat this until your opponent is defeated, or until Trevenant is knocked out. Trevenant is also a good switch in option against a Water type using say, Surf or Hydro Pump. You can also use Trevenant to stall out a Pokemon that is poisoned or burned. Just be careful when Harvest doesn’t activate or your Horn Leech is not very effective against your opponent.


HP, Defense, and Special Defense are all pretty good. It’s Attack is it’s best stat, so that helps a lot with doing good damage with your attacks. Will-O-Wisp helps with Defense, and your Special Defense covers Special Moves. Speed, of course, isn’t the best, but that’s ok.

That’s pretty much it. Just be sure to set-up and pay attention to your berry supply. Next week, we’re going to go over another Ghost type wall: Dusknoir. Thanks for reading!

– Dave

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