Throwback Thursday #20- Eyes

Hey everyone! I’m finally back with another Throwback Thursday. I’ve been busy and truthfully a little lazy so I apologize for missing a few weeks T^T

I thought this week’s drawing would be a little different from the usual. It’ll be focusing on what I think is one of the most important features in anime and that is… the eyes!

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Pokemon Spotlight Sundays #11

What’s good everyone? Sorry I forgot to mention this week’s Pokemon last week. Nevertheless, here she is…Mega Lopunny.




When this mega was revealed back in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire days, it came off as sort of a surprise. Never would anyone have thought that a Pokemon like Lopunny would get a mega. It was sort of out of no where, but I kind of like it.

Weaknesses: Before mega evolving, Lopunny is a pure Normal type. Only one weakness: Fighting. Also, of course, no resistances. Now, as a mega, Lopunny gains the Fighting type, meaning it will gain more weaknesses than as just a Normal type. Gaining this typing adds on three weaknesses. They are: Flying, Psychic, and Fairy. Oh and this week, this Pokemon isn’t weak to Taunt.

Strengths and Resistances: As a Normal type, there is of course the Ghost immunity. No resistances. Along with the weaknesses added on with the Fighting type, there are also three resistances that get added on. They are: Rock, Bug, and Dark. In my opinion, this is a mediocore trade. Sure, you get more resistances with the added Fighting type, but you have more types to look out for and fear. Anyways, on to strengths. With a good set of Fighting type moves, you’ll be able to one or two shot most foes with High Jump Kick.
Not to mention that it is now a STAB move with mega evolution.
Plus, if you are playing the actual game, you’ll need to get your friendship up with a Buneary in order to even evolve it to a Lopunny. Therefore, Return will be very powerful. Also, Lopunny gets access to various elemental punches, such as Fire Punch, Ice Punch, and Thunder Punch. This adds on to having good coverage.
Mega Lopunny also gets Scrappy for an ability, so it can actually hit Ghost types with Normal and Fighting type moves.

– High Jump Kick
– Return
– Fake Out
– Thunder or Ice Punch
Items: Lopunnite
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Cute Charm
EV’s: 252 Attack
252 Speed
4 HP

Strategy: Fake Out is a fantastic opener. You can waste your opponent’s turn AND get some damage off at the same time. This can be good for stalling them out an extra turn, like so they can succumb to poison quicker, or so you can finish off very weak opponents. If it’s your opener, you can then just use whatever is appropiate. Steel type? High Jump Kick. Anything but a Rock or Steel type? Return. Your elemental punches can also come in handy (get it?) if nothing else works. Depending on what you run, your situations may very. Other than that, you can just sweep through the whole team.



Pretty good stats (this is for Mega Lopunny). The Speed and Attack increase is beautiful for this Pokemon. Now it hits hard, and it can outspeed many Pokemon. This is good for a Sweeper such as Mega Lopunny. All in all, I prefer Mega Lopunny over regular Lopunny.

So what’d you think? Will you use this mega? Once Lopunnite become available in Pokemon Sun and Moon, I know that I will be defintely using this. If you’re playing Omega Ruby/ Alpha Sapphire, or Pokemon Showdown, then have fun with this Pokemon! That’s all for this week, tune in next week when we’ll review Hawlucha, the karate chopping luchador of a bird. See you then!

– Dave

Pokemon Spotlight Sundays #10

Welcome back everyone! This weeks Pokemon is Porygon-Z.


If you remember from my last post, you would notice I called him Spa-Z. The reason for this? He tends to have a spaz attack every 5 seconds. The -Z is more of a play on words, since it’s Porygon-Z, and spaz has a Z in it, get it? Heh…Anyway he’s pretty cool, and this is a pretty good set for Generation 7.

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Peripera Lumi Pang Lipstick Review

Hey everyone! Today’s post will be a review on Peripera’s lipstick!

I’ve always wanted to try Peripera! I heard awesome reviews on their ink tints and originally I wanted to order one myself but I decided not to since there seemed to be a lot of product and I wasn’t sure if I could use it all. So instead, I got their Lumi Pang lippy in #PK10.

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Pokemon Spotlight Sundays #9

Hello everyone and welcome, to this week’s Pokemon Spotlight Sunday. Today we’re going over a favorite of mine: Dusknoir.


Quite the step-up from the smaller Dusclops, this is one buff ghost. The best part about Dusknoir’s appearence is his stomach. Doesn’t that look like a funny, angry face to you?

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Hwarang Drama Review

Hey everyone! Today’s post is on the recently completed drama Hwarang~

Image result for hwarang


Genre: Romance, Historical

#of Eps: 20

Plot: The kingdom, Silla, has been ruled by a queen for a long time. She has kept her son (who is the true king) hidden from the world in fears that there would be people trying to kill him. She creates “Hwarang” which is a new elite that will protect the throne. In hopes of recruitment for the newly created Hwarang, the queen hires an instructor to find young men to join. Little did she know that the members include one commoner with the nickname “Dog-Bird” with hopes of revenge and her son among the elite.

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