Throwback Thursday #19- Internal Feelings

Hey everyone! I’m back with this week’s drawing~

So this is so different from my usual style/ artwork and I even surprised myself when I dug into my drawer (I literally have one) filled with old drawings.

Although, I labeled this piece as “Internal Feelings”, it’s not actually how I feel. Or maybe it is considering how much I’m suffering from school T^T lol. But on a more serious note, this drawing just struck me with this deep name. Tbh, I don’t really remember why I drew this or whether this was a reference. It might have been considering all the details, but if this wasn’t a reference, then I think I just started out with the eye, adding some tears, and this just came to be.

I only used mechanical pencil and a regular eraser for this drawing. It does look a little emo (at least to me) and considering how I usually draw anime, I seriously have no clue where this inspiration came from, but I guess it looks ok.

-So what do you all think? Leave a comment below, like, and follow! Thanks for reading!! OH! And I’m planning on posting a drama review tomorrow so stay tuned~

~CY @ Kpop9019

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