Hwarang Drama Review

Hey everyone! Today’s post is on the recently completed drama Hwarang~

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Genre: Romance, Historical

#of Eps: 20

Plot: The kingdom, Silla, has been ruled by a queen for a long time. She has kept her son (who is the true king) hidden from the world in fears that there would be people trying to kill him. She creates “Hwarang” which is a new elite that will protect the throne. In hopes of recruitment for the newly created Hwarang, the queen hires an instructor to find young men to join. Little did she know that the members include one commoner with the nickname “Dog-Bird” with hopes of revenge and her son among the elite.

THOUGHTS: Ok, so I don’t understand why there are so many rude people out there that say this drama is just like “Scarlet Heart:Ryeo” because they are COMPLETELY different!! Scarlet Heart is about a modern-day girl who somehow gets transferred to the  Goryeo Dynasty and encounters princes so she has to find a way back and survive in that world. (Little self-promo: “Scarlet Heart: Ryeo” Kdrama First Impressions) WHILE Hwarang is about.. Pretty much everything I’ve wrote in the plot besides some side conflicts. Sure, they both have a dozen or so cute boys in it, but their role is waayyy different.

I did not know who to root for in this drama… In the beginning, I was with the hidden king since he was cute and all, but then I started to think that “Dog-Bird” was cool so I guess I’m undecided. I’m no true critic, but I thought the acting was pretty good. There were a ton of fight scenes and cute moments between the main leads. Oh, I should probably introduce Kim Ah-ro who’s the female lead. She is a daughter of a physician and eventually goes into the Hwarang House to treat the injured/sick. BTS’s V is in this drama and I think he did a pretty good job. His character was very likable and I teared up when something bad happened to him (Little spoiler XD)

This drama has 20 eps. and I thought that it may get boring in the middle of it, but surprisingly it managed to hook me on it. I feel that the ending was rushed and was pretty disappointing. It had built so much suspense and I was excited to watch it, but it ended just like how I feared it would be. I also still have some questions left unanswered, so I wished it elaborated more with what happened to some of the characters.

I would give the music an A, especially BTS’s V and Jin’s collab song. It was amazing~ I was also surprised when I found out that Park Seo-Joon (who plays “Dog-Bird”) and Park Hyung-sik (the king) had their own song.

I’m a little sad that this drama is over, but it was very good nonetheless. Give this drama a shot! It deserves it. Pls. leave a comment below, like, and follow! Thanks for reading!!

~CY @ Kpop9019



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