Pokemon Spotlight Sundays #9

Hello everyone and welcome, to this week’s Pokemon Spotlight Sunday. Today we’re going over a favorite of mine: Dusknoir.


Quite the step-up from the smaller Dusclops, this is one buff ghost. The best part about Dusknoir’s appearence is his stomach. Doesn’t that look like a funny, angry face to you?

Weaknesses: A pure Ghost type is only weak to two types: Ghost and Dark. This should sort of be considered and advantage, but they are still weaknesses. As mentioned last week, Dusknoir works well as a Special Defense wall. So, as with almost (if not all) walls, Taunt is a huge weakness. Especially with the set I use, Taunt will leave you only with two options. 1. Attack with Shadow Sneak, 2. Switch out. Switching out is usually the better option. Also, any Physical attackers that have already set-up or just have crazy high attack, they will most likely one-shot you if you don’t get a Will-O-Wisp off.

Strengths and Resistances: Only two resistances: Poison and Bug. There are also two immunites: Normal and Fighting. Strange, there are two weaknesses, two resistances, and two immunites, an all-rounder if you ask me. Of course, Dusknoir will be able to resist a ton of damage from Special attacks. Although not the best at it, Dusknoir can PP stall. That means that you stall the opponent until they are out of PP for their moves. Why can he do this? Pressure. Pressure doubles the opponents PP usage, so stronger moves such as Hydro Pump run out faster, and will have 4 uses instead of 8 (if PP maxed). Paired with Leftovers and Pain Split, Dusknoir can live for quite some time. Throw in Protect and you can waste a turn for free.

– Protect (or another Physical move)
– Will-O-Wisp
– Pain Split
– Shadow Sneak
Item: Leftovers
Nature: Careful
Ability: Pressure
EV’s: 252 Special Defense
252 HP
4 Attack

Strategy: If it’s not a Fire type, Will-O-Wisp it. This will cover your Physical Defense side againt any Physical attackers. Then, you can Protect to defend yourself and restore lost health, or attack with Shadow Sneak or if you put in another move instead of Protect. When nescessary, and safe, Pain Split to restore lost health, and to drain your opponent’s. Since your health will be equal to your opppnents now, it will lost health as your gain it if you had less to begin with. Shadow Sneak can also be used to finish off low health opponents. If need be, stall. You have good defenses and Protect (if you brought it), so you can waste a lot of turns with these. Dusknoir can also be used as a safe switch in against a Special attacker.



Defense and Special Defense are actually equal, so you can really go either way. I just chose to go with Special Defense as I already have a Physical Wall on my team. Attack is better than Special Attack, hence why we put Shadow Sneak instead of Shadow Ball. Speed is not very good, but that isn’t required with a wall. HP is also ok, which can be troubling sometimes.

Final note: don’t be a knucklehead like myself and remember that Pain Split is an egg move and can only be obtained by breeding something with Pain Split with a female Duskull. Other than that, that’s pretty much it. Have fun with another Ghost Special Defense wall. Next week, we’re going over a set and Pokemon near and dear to my heart: Porygon-Z, a.k.a, Spa-Z. Have a nice week everyone!

– Dave

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