Pokemon Spotlight Sundays #10

Welcome back everyone! This weeks Pokemon is Porygon-Z.


If you remember from my last post, you would notice I called him Spa-Z. The reason for this? He tends to have a spaz attack every 5 seconds. The -Z is more of a play on words, since it’s Porygon-Z, and spaz has a Z in it, get it? Heh…Anyway he’s pretty cool, and this is a pretty good set for Generation 7.

Weaknesses: He only has one type weakness: Fighting. However, this is with his Normal typing. With this set, you will need to utilize Conversion, which will convert Porygon-Z’s typing to the typing of the move in his first move slot. For example, if Thunderbolt is in your first slot and you use Conversion, than Porygon-Z will become an Electric type. Then, his weakness will be of that typing, for example, as an Electric type, he will be weak to Ground. Also, Taunt will stop Conversion in the first place. Man, Taunt is pretty good, huh?

Strengths and Resistances: First, resistances. Of course, Normal is immune to Ghost, and Normal has no resistances. Now, for the meat of this whole set. You will have to utilize a Normalium Z, a Z Crystal. Why the Nomalium Z? Well, because of Conversion of course. Z-Conversion gives you a +1 stat boost in all of your stats, which will make you an automatic powerhouse. To keep your one weakness trait, you should convert to an Electric type, as shown in the example above. This also makes Thunderbolt a STAB move, dealing more damage. Now, you can hit harder, be faster then most Pokemon, and be stronger against an opponent’s moves. Just uh, watch out for Ground types.

– Thunderbolt
– Ice Beam
– Shadow Ball
– Conversion
Items: Normalium-Z
Nature: Modest
Ability: Download
EV’s: 252 Special Attack
252 Speed
4 HP

Strategy: If you aren’t up against a Ground type, use your Z move. Now you can just sweep from right off the bat, using the proper moves against the proper Pokemon. You’re faster than most, so you can hit first, and if you don’t one shot them, you’ll most likely live their hit due to the boosts in your defenses. Also, Download will give you a boost in either Attack or Special Attack. Of course, you want the Special Attack boost, so you could be at +2 Special Attack after Z-Conversion. As you can see, this is a pretty powerful set.



Special Attack is, of course, the highest. Speed is up next which is very good, and both defenses are about the same. Porygon-Z has a good selection of Special moves, so you can use others than just what I showed, but those are recommended by me.

What would you nickname this little guy? You already know what I would, and with good reason. Have fun sweeping your opponents team!

– Dave

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