Pokémon Spotlight Sundays #12

Hello everyone and welcome, to, another, Pokémon Spotlight Sunday! Today we’re going over the fighting, fit, burd known as: Hawlucha.


Now, Hawlucha has a very special place in my heart. I actually had a female one lead my team to victory in my Pokémon Y playthrough. She was great, and this birdy still packs a punch to this day. Let’s go over him, shall we?

Weaknesses: Hawlucha is very fragile, and it can be hard to get a safe switch in if you don’t lead or have a Pokémon get knocked out first. Even if you get hit by a move that isn’t super effective against it, it still has the potential to do either a lot of damage, or just knock him out. Alongside that, Hawlucha is weak to 5 different typings: Flying, Electric, Psychic, Ice, and Fairy. These are fairly common types to run into, so always be weary of these, and know when to risk it for the biscut. Plus with only a handful of good fighting type moves, you might have some trouble dealing with multiple foes that are weak to Fighting type moves. With the set I am recommending, he can become very lackluster if he is forced to switch out, and you’ll see why.

Strengths and Resistances: Hawlucha has the potential to sweep entire teams in the blink of an eye, but he need team support. He benefits a lot from any hazards that you set up, things like Stealth Rocks and Sticky Webs. These two make it so much easier for Hawlucha to take out whatever is in front of it. However, he doesn’t benefit from hazards being set up on YOUR side. This makes him even more frail than before. Another good strength is his Speed. Oh man is that thing HIGH. Especially when Unburden activated, his Speed can achieve supreme heights. This is great, paired with your hazards, and you can easily wipe teams off the face of the Earth!

– Sky Attack
– High Jump Kick
– Acrobatics
– Roost/Swords Dance
Item: Power Herb
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Unburden
EV’s: 252 Attack
252 Speed
4 HP

Strategy: Like stated before, have a good way of getting Hawlucha on the field. Try to get some hazards set up if you can. When you have a good oppurtunity, Sky Attack. This will use up your Power Herb, doing two things: 1. Making Sky Attack only take 1 turn to use 2. Activating Unburden, boosting your Speed. If you are forced to switch out however (Roar, or just a bad match up), then Hawlucha will lose Unburden, and will be a lot worse than it was before he switched out, so look out for that. If you don’t get put into that situation however, then have some fun knocking out a good amount or every Pokémon on your opponent’s team.


Pretty…decent stats. The highest of course is Speed, which is very good. Attack comes next, which is what you want to train up on aswell. As you can tell, his defenses are on the low side, hence why he’s so fragile. But overall, you just want to focus on Speed and Attack.

Well everyone, it’s been a great 12 weeks, but I must take my leave, for now (The boss is kicking me off the island D:) Don’t worry, I’ll be back, but until then, have fun with the information I’ve given you. Thanks everyone, and I’ll see you all soon!

– Dave

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