Kuzu no Honkai Anime Review

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve written an anime review. Partially because I haven’t been watching animes (reverted to dramas and henceforth) and because the one I have been watching was new so there is only one new episode per week (which took forever to watch). Let’s break this anime up shall we?

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(**Images not mine!! All credits go to original owners!)

Genre: Romance, School, Youth, Drama

# of Eps: 12

Viewer Discretion Advised!!! (although I assume everyone here is old enough)

Plot: Hanabi Yasuraoka and Mugi Awaya both love someone that is unreachable. In order to fill up their loneliness, they substitute each other as the one they love, in the physical intimacy aspect as well. However, they are not the only ones in pain and there are also characters with a double personality.

Personal Thoughts: I went into this anime thinking, “oh, it must be one of those innocent romantic comedy animes (my favorite genre, shameless I know) again, let’s watch it!” But, boy was I wrong… This anime stole some of my innocence away. I guess I should have known after reading the English translation to be “Scum’s Wish” -.- There were many physical encounters and sexual things that happen. I found it sad that high schoolers, in order to fulfill their loneliness, use one another sexually.

Not to mention, (Slight spoiler) I hate that Akane sensi! She is such a devil/bish; she basically sleeps with anyone. I can’t believe the male characters couldn’t help resist her. Like come on! Hold back your hormones!! I felt so bad for Hanabi (main girl). But, at least Akane changes for the better in the end so all sort of ends well.

Music: Personally, I enjoyed the opening and ending songs. Even though I had no idea what the lyrics translated into (maybe something sexual), the melody and voice of the singer(s) were very appealing.

Characters/ Character Development: I don’t really feel like going into detail for all the characters (go watch it~). But the biggest overall growth in this show was Hanabi and Mugi. The anime started with them using one another as substitutes, but they finally see each other as different people. They learn to let go, move on, and to search for a real love.

Ending: The ending was ok. It was a somewhat happy ending, a little sad I must add. But I am very glad that in the end the characters realized that they are so much more than just their bodies.

-I’ll be ending my review right here~ Have any of you watched this anime? Plan on to? Leave a comment below telling me what you think, don’t forget to leave a like, and of course follow!!! Thanks for reading!

~CY @kpop9019

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